America- Leading in the Way in World Police Brutality, Killing & Abuses

I’m exhausted, I’ve been working almost non-stop on a case for 2 days, so I’m going to take a few hours off here and rest; then I’ll be back to working on cases and sharing news. I’ll also be posting more on police murders and the following photo, which blows my mind but is not the first time something like this has happened. Whether you want to admit it or not, racism has only become covert in America; it has not gone away. racist cops

Quickly, I’m going to give a ‘preview’ of what facts, information, (including references & citations) regarding police murders globally, with America leading by a haunting percentage.

Sadly, the numbers for the United States also reflects Black teenagers are killed at a devastating 21 times more on average than white teenagers. You can say it’s not true because you don’t wanna believe it as much as you’d like but it is true, and shortly I’ll have detailed information and credible references posted.

Cops in England and Wales, for the whole of 2013, fired their guns fewer times than the proud child murderer Darren Wilson (he has chosen to resign since the murder; it’s good he is off the streets but he faces no punishment, not even a fine. Nothing.) Back to cops in England and Wales. Not only did they fire guns less at ‘suspects’, for the past two years they’ve gone without fatally shooting a “suspect”.

Here in the states, however,
almost half 1,000 people, approximately 500 annually, die from gun shots (this isn’t including the amount of times the gun was fired). In 2013, the American police surpassed that greatly by killing approximately 1,500 people.

And none of this includes things such as; beatings, rapes, stalking, harassing, bullying and other criminal acts. It sickens me to my core; but their evil isn’t taking a break. So my drive to expose them and report stories on those they victimize will not take a break either.

Well, other than a quick nap lol. I’ll update this today along side work and volunteer work; but I would never fall asleep even for a moment if I said nothing about these tragic stats I’ll be reporting on shortly.

If they aren’t going to stop killing innocent people of all ages, especially kids; it’s time people do their duty as caring individuals and revolt. We need a revolution; that seems to be the only way we are going to get change. Yes, there are a handful of good cops, but sadly, the bad police officers outweigh them so much it doesn’t matter to me.

We need change- a true revolution. Be back to finish this soon!