Police Order Protesters Off Ferguson Streets

The actions seen across America prove a difference is being made. They can’t lock us all up, they can’t kill us all, and now international voices are speaking out against cop behavior in the states. We tried asking nicely, but one can only cope with so much gruesome beatings, deaths & other…’incidents’ before we say enough is enough.

Both the statement and actions are long over due. No more killing or beating or harassing innocent people. No more killing teens, children or tazering the mentally ill or those who are struggling with a medical condition.

If we are to have police, we should demand they are held to a higher accountability than others given their responsibilities, and it is critical to ensure they are punished accordingly… The “Good Ol’ Boy System” needs to go. If cops are on our streets; fire the killers and abusers, and get some good hearted ones.

Otherwise, I hope we continue to see uprisings all over the states, and hopefully the international community will step in and demand America treat citizens (and non-citizens) more humane.

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