I am the US economy – from prison to the streetz

Moorbey'z Blog

by King William Brown Jr., aka Pye-Face, Minister of United KAGE Brothers Union

“Spatial fix has a secondary meaning. Not only does capital fix its contradictions through cities, it also ‘fixes’ in place a whole set of physical infrastructure (fixed capital) and social relations to go along with it. Each phase of capitalist urbanization carries with it its own mix of technology, consumption patterns, and class politics – Harvey’s ‘sociotechnical mix.’ The Fordist city combined a highly energy-intensive spatial form, a high wage structure for privileged sectors of the working class, and a class alliance between privileged workers and local elites into an urban growth machine based on suburbanization. The flip-side to this was a disinvestment from inner cities, which were left to less privileged sectors of the class and allowed to decay.” – Mortar Revolutionary Journal “Run This Town: Building Class Power in the City

This is…

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