Personal Vent Re: The Media & My Wish – a World Where More People Respect Survivor’s (All Types) Needs

ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

I am so ashamed at the state of our world… People walk around with their head in the clouds, unconcerned for anyone but themselves, and too often, no concern or bother is shown there, either. I am not saying TV should be censored – I am venting (explained below) and while I am saddened and upset by so many people’s lack of care towards survivors, I do not expect the world to be changed for us. In the end, I suppose, this post is just my frustrations regarding the sadness I feel when I realize how little people do actually care and want to help those who’ve survived trauma, overcome it. You can’t say you want to help a person overcome something and then put a show on mocking it.

Unless you’ve experienced violence (any kind), sexual assault (again, any kind), you may not be able to understand what those…

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