Coca Cola SuperBowl Commercial … America, the Beautiful.

My mind is blown over this. How anyone is offended is beyond me. I hadn’t seen it, until 5 minutes ago. There is such hate over it; “we speak English here” to target marketing… Where to begin? There isn’t much to flesh out on those who exploded with offense because the commercial shows a gay couple holding hands with their child or because “America the Beautiful” was sung by children in languages other than English. Their hate filled, narrow minded view of the world and sadly of America is what sets America behind in the world. The people featured on the commercial are the people I hope represent America, myself included.

The commercial celebrates what this country is SUPPOSED to be about; that is, freedom of expression, the right to love whom you love, regardless of gender or race; the right to decide what to believe religiously or spiritually; if you believe in anything. And if not, that’s fine- that is what America should be about. I know I wouldn’t want to be represented any other way. I’m proud of their (Coca Cola’s) choice in the commercial, whether or not they meant to ‘target’ or not- which takes me to my next rant.

I have read so many articles and/or comments made by people who claim they love the commercial but that it was racist. Racist because it targets the poor and non-white communities in America, trying to get them to buy soda when statistics show white Americans intake of soda’s have gone down over the past few years…

Right, it’s a commercial. So obviously they are targeting anyone who may drink soda, that’s my view on it. I read an annoying piece on the Guardian which ended with,

“Before we applaud Coke’s advertising diversity, we should ask: do we really want Coke to diversify?”

I didn’t even view the commercial as being an advertisement (even though it obviously is)- whether they felt it in their soul or felt warmth and love while creating the commercial is not relevant to me. I don’t think it is any more targeting than any other commercial Coke has put out there in the past.

My view is this: it’s a commercial…which all of us know means, they are trying to promote and sell their product. I don’t know if there was more ‘evil intent’ behind it than there was last year, all I know is I fail to see the “more”, just as I fail to see the reason any American can be ‘outraged’ over this commercial.

I know the government and corporations are racist, don’t give a damn about those of us who aren’t in their ‘network’- and as nice as it would be to be totally self reliant (food, drink, etc) it isn’t a reality the majority of us can make happen. If we can, why aren’t we doing it? There are many obstacles in our way and it will take the majority of Americans (and people all over the world for that matter) waking up before anything like that is possible for all of us. That’s my thought on it, anyhow.

Back to the ad; to be honest, it’s the commercials with half nude women being treated like sluts – those are the commercials that turn me off to a product, not a commercial which promotes tolerance and acceptance.

We all know the risks of drinking soda, be it Coke or Pepsi. Yes, diabetes is a great threat and we all, regardless of nationality, should be taking the proper provisions against it. It is insulting to say that any one person or ‘group’ of people are going to go buy soda simply because “the company made a quality commercial!” – that’s beyond insulting. (Please, don’t bother sending me messages guessing my ethnicity- it is highly annoying, especially since most of you guess differently from the other…)

I wish people got this pissed off with the commercials that promote sexism; the commercials that promote infidelity and half nude women being treated like animals. That is reason to be offended, not a beautifully sung America the Beautiful.

Each individual makes their own choice, for their own reason- and that’s how it should be. I can’t speak for the company and their underlying mission, but if it is there, then it is our place not to buy their product; but we also must keep in mind it didn’t happen over night. Why is it suddenly people are upset and saying they are targeting certain groups? Haven’t they been doing that all along? – Yes. They have. So regardless as to if they truly felt this commercial in their hearts or not, why get angry now, why not get angry over last years commercial?

If you truly want to get angry over commercials, why not start working for the rights of women, help us stop the exploitation and lies commercials daily from countless companies create. Yes, stop racism, but there are far more blatantly racist and especially sexist commercials on TV (which is a huge reason I watch it as little as possible) than this America the Beautiful commercial… I’m offended by the Americans small minded enough to be outraged over beauty.

3 thoughts on “Coca Cola SuperBowl Commercial … America, the Beautiful.”

  1. “I wish people got this pissed off with the commercials that promote sexism”

    Agreed! I don’t understand why a woman in a hijab is more offensive than a woman in her underwear. That’s a great point I hadn’t thought of before! So sad.

    1. thank you so much for the comment! and exactly; i don’t understand it either- other than they want to keep the control and keep women “in place” so to speak. that’s the only way i can understand their ‘logic’… sickening. bah.

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