Unarmed Teen Murdered Over Plant, Cop, Not Surprisingly, Let Off… Unless Someone Helps.

Death over a plant possession? Yes. Was it marijuana? I don’t know, it is claimed the teen went to flush it down the toilet as this trigger happy cop chased him. Maybe it was weed, maybe it wasn’t; either way, it was no threat to the cop. It was none of his business, and a bit off topic but still true, it is further evidence as to why weed should be legalized.

I don’t care what kind of plant it was, no one should have died. Sadly, however, a year ago an unarmed teen, Ramarley Graham, did. His life was taken very prematurely when Officer Richard Haste, without a warrant of any kind, followed Ramarley into his grandma’s apartment. It was here, in his home, Haste fatally shot the teen. Over a plant. The cop was facing manslaughter charges, rightfully so… But recently these charges were shamefully, yet unsurprisingly, dropped.

Let’s look at the mentality of the cops. Remorse? No. The head of the union of police officers said the Grand Jury made the right choice because Haste, made the right choice. Of course a fellow cop is going to say that. Police lie, and are protected by their fellow gang members lying. Because so many people want to think the cops are never wrong, they very rarely are punished as they should be. How they sleep at night, I’ll never know.

It is scary, though, to think of all the murderers we have walking the streets with badges, while the majority of people in prison are in for drugs, mostly marijuana- these people are far less of a threat to me as well as to you than a person who can take another life, lie and then carry on as if nothing happened.

Haste apparently used the good old fall back of cops… He stated he was pursing someone he thought had a gun. That is complete insanity and an insult to all intelligent people. The cops use the “he had a gun” excuse to get away with murder, and as we see, it works. We the people should not allow it to work.

Ramarley’s mother, Constance Malcolm, has stepped up, calling for the U.S. Attorney General to step in and help. She made this statement, one which I agree with wholeheartedly:

“The modern day lynching has to stop. It is only a different way of doing it. Gunning down our kids. We want Eric Holder to take this case and look into it and take over.”

On the other hand his distraught father, Frank Graham, said the following:

“I have so much pain and anger inside of me and I’m trying to keep calm.”
And, “We need a special prosecutor to deal with these kinds of cases; we cannot trust the DA’s office that’s works so closely with NYPD to prosecute them. I don’t think it will ever change.”

I can only imagine the pain the two of them most be feeling. Mrs. Malcolm is so right in saying the modern day lynching must stop, but it is going to take more than the Attorney General (if he does agree to step in) to stop the massive problem of police brutality in America.

Sadly I believe Mr. Graham is right. No, things will never change, only continue to grow worse. Until the people stand up in unity against this force of abuse, killings, rapes, etc there really is no hope.

We must keep spreading the word, we must let the anger and pain push us to fight for justice, not give up… Giving up is what they want us to do. Never, ever give them that. I know I won’t.