First of Many… Outrage over Police Brutality. Want to be Pro-Life? Help Stop Police Killing and Abusing the People!!

Too often people ask me why I am so outraged when cops use excessive force or kill (yes, seriously asked this more than once) when they have, “such stress and work such a dangerous job!”– My response to that is one of two things. First, police don’t have the most “dangerous job” you can read my research article on that HERE. Secondly, when you go to become a police officer you know the job is going to be a little stressful at times and probably will make you nervous. Based on that common sense my logic is, it’s your own fault -not the victims fault- if you commit a crime against them because you are nervous.  So, if you are jumpy and trigger happy, why the hell are you a cop? If you are, it is your OWN fault. Of course you are stressed- IT’S HOW YOU HANDLE THE STRESS THAT MATTERS!

As I prove with FACTS below, believe it or not, there are some cops who aren’t power hungry, who don’t go out and beat, harass and kill for the sake of it. Additionally, there are police officers in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, who can arrest a person who actually is armed without killing or shooting him!

So why are the vast majority of American cops allowed to behave like animals when it is very obvious another way is possible? Even if there were no cops who understood this non-violent concept, there is no justification for violent behavior we see going on, especially in America.

The correct, morally just and humane way of patrolling is to do so non-violently and if you do behave violently you should be held to a higher standard than the rest of society. You’ve made an oath to society, one which currently you spit on. But that oath you made to serve and protect should mean if you do anything less, you are punished for your actions.

To serve and protect…; no where does it say to abuse and kill. Yet that is what too many American cops do, and what is worse… they usually get away with their crimes, sometimes they are even REWARDED…

I’m not in shock by all the horrors occurring by the police against innocent, undeserving people. I’ve worked in this field far too long to be surprised by anything like that, however, it still causes massive outrage and anger. It also has led me to wonder, if anti’s are so “pro-life” (which they aren’t but, IF) why are they fighting not only against women’s rights but ignoring the death being inflicted upon innocent PEOPLE- children are included in this. Children, not fetuses. An infant being abused matters, a child killed or beaten by police matters- but a woman going and making a choice of whether to remain pregnant or not, is (should be) no one’s concern other than her own!

(And oh yes, kids are killed in America by cops- it happens TOO OFTEN. Go through my blog or click here and simply scroll down, click next, look through them…And look at how many of the articles are about kids under 17 years old. Sadly, tragically, these are NOT even a fraction of all the murders and beatings happening not only to adults but to children as well.)

Adults matter just as much- and the frequency in which people are being beaten and killed by the cops -innocent people; unarmed people.

Note: Even if the person were guilty, police should be trained to do more than beat people up, and they should especially be trained far better in not committing murder (which is what they do; in the UK if a cop fatally shoots someone they are guilty until proven innocent. It automatically is a murder charge, then they go to court and must prove they were acting in the course of duty (my husband is British). Though I know police in the UK are not saints, American cops could learn a thing or two.

Quick Example: Police in London proved last year you don’t have to have a gun to stop an armed man, even if he has an AK47. Any low life can fire a gun- it takes a real man or woman to face an armed situation and respond not only by only making an arrest but also by not killing or harming the individual. So while the cops in London waited I believe it was 20 minutes for the armed police to show up they maintained to chase and arrest him; while also keeping civilians safe. (police in the UK don’t carry guns, they must call armed police for backup and even then that doesn’t mean a murder will occur).

Random Fact: Last year in the UK there were over 10,000 incidents that required an armed response… BUT ONLY SIX! OF THOSE INCIDENTS RESULTED OR ENDED WITH WEAPONS ACTUALLY BEING DISCHARGED OR FIRED!!!!!!!!

Back to London last year. When the armed police arrived, they did not use their weapon. I normally don’t praise police but I do give credit where credits due; credit, and respect, is due in this case. I wrote about it last year HERE as well as mentioning ONE cop in Cali who is also praise worthy and should be a cop the rest of American cops follow.

In America, how many suicidal people have been killed  – by police?  How many mentally ill or mentally challenged? FAR TOO MANY.

One case that I hope no one has forgotten is that of Donovan Jackson, 16, beaten by the LAPD while handcuffed. (In short- the story is far deeper than that.)

The cop, in the end, was awarded over $1.6 MILLION because -simply put- the cop said it was because he was white(!!) that the charges Donovan Jackson’s parents brought against him occurred. Jeremy Morse, the child beating officer, is white and Donovan Jackson, black. If you are in America and have even a bit of intelligence you know as well as I do it was Morse that was racist, along with every cop involved in the severe beating. You know that because Morse was white he won a claim that should have been awarded (at the least!) to Donovan Jackson and his family.

Jackson_DonovanI will never forget the broken look on Donovan’s face when the verdict that no justice would be served came out. The light in his eyes darkened, and will forever be embedded in my mind.

That was just one case out of countless!!! And though his case is no longer a new case, there are of police brutality cases just the same, many fatal, still going on daily (as I will soon post).

What the hell is it going to take for people to wake up and see these cops not only are racist (and yes, it happens to white people- but not at the frequency in which Black and Brown people endure it).

For those who skim let me make this clear: Yes, I am American. Born and raised, I love the country but hate the people in charge. The government does not represent me or my feelings towards other countries; if anything, this government shames me and often I feel I should apologize for their action.

I am proud of who I am though, I am a proud American because I am an American that thinks for myself; I am an American that can see the wrong this government and country does not only to our own citizens but to people across the world; I am an American who disagrees with what America does. I am ashamed of the choices this country makes. But if American’s don’t stand up against it, there is little hope.

I am ashamed at how our police and government treat the people, and after staying in the UK for an extended period of time, after listening to others accounts of police in the UK I don’t believe for a second the cops in England are as corrupt as American police. That’s just the simple truth, look at statistics – talk to people and compare… Yes police brutality is an issue here as it is everywhere- yes, police abuse their power…

But do the good cops outweigh the bad here? For the most part, I think so.

In America cops are innocent until … well they are the majority of the time, just innocent (ha).

They have a badge so they do no wrong… (sickening lie) The truth is, they abuse the “power of the badge” and get away with it… They can, have and do kill kids, adults and elderly alike and 9 out of 10 times not only get a paid vacation, keep their job… So you can forget them ever going to prison or being punished for their horrible crimes.

Once more I ask the Anti’s,… You say you are pro-life?

If you are pro-life get out there and fight to save lives… Not attack innocent women for making a medical choice or doctors for performing medical procedures. That’s pro-life and simply called being a decent human.

With that, be ready for a few new posts on recent cases and updates that I hope will enrage people, enrage people enough to realize we NEED A CHANGE!!!!

So get out there and do something that is helpful and something that matters; get out there and stop harassing innocent women and men for medical choices that are none of your business and fight for living people who are being MURDERED, wrongfully, yet, legally.

Fighting for LIFE as noted above is a cause to be proud of. Not stalking and harassing people going in for medical procedures. All of us need to join together against the crimes cops are committing; unity is the only way this is ever going to stop. Unity, and action.

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    I am reblogging this from my other page because Anti’s have a thing or two they need to learn… If they were truly pro-life they would be working to help society, they would be working to stop unjust and cruel killings at the hands of police, etc. Instead they are attacking us because of medical choice and procedure. Thus why I feel this topic should be on both of my websites.

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