HELP! Marlise Munoz Kept Alive Via Life Support Against Her Will Because of Texas Law

Please help!

Just before Thanksgiving, Marlise Munoz collapsed and was pronounced brain dead… Despite her husband and family knowing her wish not to be kept alive by machine, she is being kept on life support, again, against her wishes as well as against her families wishes (her family, of course, support HER choice because that’s what respect and love is) strictly because she is 14 weeks pregnant. Marlise was pronounced brain dead after a collapse that led her to the hospital.

Her husband, Erick, knew his wife didn’t want to be kept alive via machine. It should be noted both paramedics on scene told him that they understood Marlise’s wishes; that they, too, both would not want to be kept alive by a machine if they were in that situation.

The hospital told her family, however, they would be breaking Texas law if they took a pregnant woman off life…

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