The Strength & Courage of a Personal Hero, Nelson Mandela [Part 1] Regarding His Respect for Women’s Rights

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ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

At 95 years old, Nelson Mandela left this world and I wish him nothing but a peaceful passage over into the next, giving his soul all the thanks and love one can give another.

I bought Nelson Mandela’s Autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, in 2004. Every morning I would take the train to Central Park and read under the exact same tree for hours as NYC seemed to only be waking up. It was a book that inspired me to be a better person; but then, it wasn’t the book. It was the man whom wrote the book.

Nelson Mandela lived to be the age of 95 but what he accomplished in those years I would say the majority of people couldn’t conquer in twice the time. His spirit’s a special one, and one that is missed. But also one that is celebrated. He changed South Africa and countless…

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