Activism needs to organise better to be effective (#activism #tpv #thepeoplesvoice #bedroomtax)

Order Of Truth

activism1We have covered this subject before, but with the current state of the world we feel the need to reinforce that it is ESSENTIAL that activists organise much more effectively.

First of all, this is not a call to form mobs and do stupid things which will make the situation worse. This is a call for all of the fragmented groups to get together and formulate an effective and realistic strategy to combat the greed, social engineering, manipulation, and everything else that is destroying any kind of society based in humanity.

Most of the problems we face in society have one accessible root cause. Whether your ‘niche’ is the environment, welfare, or bin collections etc., all routes will go back to the same source of the problem.

Until activists break out of the ‘niche’ mind-set and start tackling the root (or as close to the root as possible) of the…

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