This 14-Year-Old Boy Brutally Tortured By Pennsylvania Police? (PHOTOS)

EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! I posted her post on my page yesterday, so glad to see other people talking about it! We gotta get together and organize, unite, and freaking stop this insanity! And this is why we need the second amendment, why should I put a gun down when a cop has one and though may not have used in this instance, but in too many more—- No. Self defense.
Question though.
Why is it a capital offense to shoot a copper, and normally not even punishable to shoot unarmed, innocent people?

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UPDATE: 11-18-13 11:00 AM EST

The mother of the 14-year-old boy who was subdued with a Taser in the face is calling into question whether the officer’s actions were appropriate.

“I know what my son did was wrong, but look at the picture, you think he deserved all that for retail theft?” Marissa  Sargent told exclusively on Saturday morning.

Sargent also alleged her son’s rights were violated because police officials “wouldn’t let me see him at the police station.”

“He’s a minor, I’m his parent, and I should’ve been able to talk to him while I was there” she said.

Sargent plans to file a complaint against the Tullytown Police Department. We’ll keep you updated on the latest.

SOURCE: Levittownnow


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