Revealing your data: Facebook prepares to track screen cursors — RT USA

WOW what a pathetic place this is! Just when you think in regards to privacy they can go no lower, they do. Simply disgusting. I hope the American people soon wake up and refuse to allow them to take our rights, this is getting beyond out of control. It has been beyond outta control; for far too long.

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Facebook is a step away from tracking cursors on your computer and portable device screens to understand your tastes better, the company’s top official has vouched in an interview. The project is part of a huge increase in the volume of data collection.The social site’s analytics chief, Ken Rudin, has revealed his corporation is ready to introduce a technology that would enable the collection of even more information about a web-surfer via cursor movements on your screen, the Wall Street Journal reports.While you’re apparently aimlessly working your computer mouse or touchpad, pondering where to click next while running through a webpage, your brain is actually making choices – MANY choices at a time.And Facebook is determined to collate them, in order to understand better how you choose your selections and what you’re really interested in, even if you’re to some extent unaware of these choices yourself.The captured information is stored…

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