Georgia prisoner beaten with hammer fights for justice

I wanted to post about this when I first saw it happen; I don’t recall why I couldn’t at the time, but I am pretty sure I had no way to access wordpress because this is an issue which sends rage through my veins, and boils out through my skin. I hope this man is awarded 100 times over. What happened to him was vicious, psychotic and sheer evilness. The so called “guards” should not just be fired; they should take his place in prison for life with NO parole. People that are so evil that they can do something like this to another human are not worth living and are a REAL danger to humanity. The victim here needs everyone’s support, please, share his story, do whatever you can. I stand by him and am wiling to do anything I can to help ensure he finds justice. Real justice. You can do the same simply by reposting his story.

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