Bkln, NY Sunday, Nov 10: Holistic Healthcare Benifit 4 Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Dr Shakur… He is the most kind, intelligent soul I’ve had the pleasure of knowing… This is MASSIVELY important! Please share, please ATTEND!

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*Sunday, November 10th*: Treat yourself to holistic healthcare to benefit Dr. Mutulu Shakur!
FEED YOUR BODY: 11am – 7pm Brooklyn Open Acupuncture (88 S. Portland Ave.) Choose from acupuncture, herb and supplement consultations, & massage or book a treatment as a gift for someone who deserves it.  Your $15 – $50 sliding scale donation is tax-deductible & supports Dr. Shakur’s legal defense, commissary essentials, and projects promoting justice for the Black community.
-> Schedule an Appointment: http://bit.ly/R3NVnF
FEED YOUR MIND: 3-4:30 pm A.R.T./New York (138 S. Oxford St.) A Widening Health Crisis: Openly Confronting Chronic Disease – a panel discussion featuring a variety of health practitioners. Suggested donation $10.
Directions: G/A/C to Fulton St. or B38 bus to Lafayette and S. Portland
*The Family & Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur, in collaboration with colleagues and comrades, dedicate this day to fighting the new norm of rampant chronic disease…

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