Changes Coming… Stay Tuned :-)

I never thought I would ever feel as passionately about anything as I always have about fighting against police brutality and insane drug laws. But I do; I am equally as passionate about women’s rights, especially abortion. SO I am going to split my page up! One page will be dedicated solely to women and abortion rights, domestic violence, etc… The next will be more socio-political topics, police brutality, etc…. I apologize to everyone I have not emailed back…. it hurts me so much that I haven’t been able to be there like I want, but please remember you aren’t bad, please check out the abortion resources on the right of this page and go to the pass board … There is always some one there to listen without religious or political poison- these ladies are the best group of women out there, and will not judge you. Great place… I wish I could be there as I want to, but as of now it seems this is a bit impossible… I apologize… Just remember abortion is not bad; it does not make you evil or anything else negative these anti’s want to lie and label women to be.

Abortion is okay, no matter your reason. Please remember that….

There has been much to deal with in “real life” and I haven’t had time to work on research, writing, or anything of the like. However things seem to be calming back down now, and I plan on having the sites set up and organized better, I am hoping with a good friend of mine writing some women’s health pieces, within the next few days.

Thank you to all readers who have stayed during my silent period- my “talk too much” period is coming back lol 🙂 this website will remain up I just am not sure exactly what it will deal with, until I have figured it out please do check back here for details and updates… Also, following me on twitter is a good way to not only get information and news, but also a good way to see what’s happening.

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