School Tells Tearful 7 Year Old Dreads Make her “Unpresentable” & Not Accepted… Video & Text

tiana-parker-615x345Every day I spend working on things related to the matters of one hating or harming another, and it begins to get to me after awhile. Whether it’s racism, sexism, domestic violence, child abuse, anti’s spreading lies about abortion and health care, prison or police brutality; I am fed up with it. Especially when children are crying, such as the 7 year old in the following article, because of an ignorant, mindless society which tolerates hate and only aspires to have conformity.

This world is sicker than I ever realized and it’s easy to come to this conclusion when you realize how long the same mindless hate or mistreatment of others has continued to go on.

When you realize that every day as you work to try and make this world a better and more accepting, understanding place; there are just as many out there trying to work and make it a horrible place, not caring whom they hurt.

Once more, a little girl is hurt; and you may think, so what. But what if it were YOU or YOUR child? Then it would matter, wouldn’t it? So, just because you don’t know a person human empathy should kick in when a kid is crying because she has been targeted and mistreated- and for what reason again?

In tears, she told local media:

“They didn’t like my dreads. I think that they should let me have my dreads.”

Her father is a hairdresser and takes pride in making sure she looks nice, as he states in the article below. The real reason why this child had to suffer is clear and needs not be stated for if you are that oblivious to the blatant racism still going on in America, there is no point in trying to explain it.

This kind of ignorant, mindless hate has to end. Conformity, everyone looking, thinking, acting the same is only to make for a Orwellian society; something we are too close to anyway; something we should all be fighting against.

Article beings.

Tulsa school sends girl home because ‘dreadlocks’ and ‘afros’ are too distracting

A father in Oklahoma said this week that he was forced to pull his daughter out of classes after the charter school she was attending sent her home for having the wrong hairstyle.

Terrance Parker told KOKI that he is a barber and he always made sure that his 7-year-old daughter, Tiana, had an appropriate haircut for school.

“She’s always presentable,” he explained. “I take pride in my kids looking nice.”

Officials from Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa declined speak to the station on camera, but the school policy states that “hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, and other faddish styles are unacceptable.”

KOKI reported that the “school feels that could distract from the respectful and serious atmosphere it strives for.”

“She went to the school last year and didn’t have any problems,” Terrance Parker pointed out. “It hurt my feelings to the core.”

And from the way that 7-year-old Tiana wept as she spoke to KOKI, it was obvious that her feelings were hurt as well.

“They didn’t like my dreads,” she said. “I think that they should let me have my dreads.”

Tiana has now been enrolled in a new school, which welcomes her hairstyle.

Video HERE

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