Miami Police Kill Unarmed Teen Artist in FL –

“He wanted to change the world somehow through art, Officer Hernández. We want answers. We only want to know what happened,” his 18 year old’s sister pleas.

Great job, cops, you’ve killed yet another young, unarmed soul and here’s to betting that you won’t get any form of discipline over it!

Award-winning artist (not that awards matter- a life is a life), Israel Hernandez-Llach, was an eight-teen year old sculptor, photographer, painter and graffiti artist in Miami, Florida. He is also another person to be fatally tasered by Miami Beach Police.

He stood outside of an abandon McDondalds, with no weapon; instead he had a can of spray paint.  As most of us know, for some reason graffiti is a crime; vandalism. I couldn’t disagree more; beautiful pictures add culture, personality and creativity to the city. Nevertheless, it is punishable, so, like most graffiti artists he ran when the cops arrived.

It saddens me that some people generalize all graffiti artist to be criminals worth this kind of treatment by police.

His friends witnessed it all; the police chased him down and then tasered him. The police officers who killed him apparently let him lay on the ground as they laughed, exchanging high-fives…

“He was on the ground and the cops were making jokes,” his friend, Thiago Souza, informed local media.

Read more from witnesses, here, at the Miami Herald.
Currently this recent killing is being “investigated” but any form of punishment happening is highly unlikely, unless something suddenly changes within the police department.
Please sign this petition – found here – or share his story…
As a side note- some people may try to argue it is a safe(r) weapon for police. Obviously, it is better than a gun but is not a safe method by any means, especially if they are free to use it on any one they want (including 6 year olds, or 80 year olds.

Volts of electricity into the body are not safe; especially with the easy ability to misuse a taser gun. Some claim it only lasts 3 seconds and isn’t a threat or danger to health or life. They only last 3 seconds if you pull the trigger; however, if the trigger is held down for longer, it can go until the battery dies or the finger is removed. I don’t know how long they used the taser on him, but that’s not relevant- he should have never been tasered- period.

What in this world is going to wake us up? What will it take for the larger part of society to take an interest in the on going abuse and killing of people, the majority of whom were unarmed? Turn off the TV… The world has real issues, real problems that we can do something about- every one of us can do something.

Graffiti shouldn’t be considered a crime; making it legal would obviously save lives, it is clear he wouldn’t have had to run if a) the police weren’t as they are and b) if sharing his art via graffiti not a criminal offense…

Art should never be an act that allows police to kill. Regardless of how you see graffiti, I think most people would agree a kid dying over graffiti as wrong.

Personally, I see graffiti, especially colorful photos as Israel painted, to be self expression and art… No one should be able someone’s right of self expression especially when it is coming with a good heart and creative, growing mind. However, even someone who simply “tags” a building or etc should not be considered a criminal… And in NO instance should a person be beaten, arrested or KILLED because they use art as their outlet.

There is no one who can explain a reason why anyone should die at the hands of the government or police for spraying some paint on a building or train or etc.

Not surprisingly, this is not an isolated incident, Miami Beach Police have a very detailed history of using excessive and/or deadly force. It’s also not surprising that Florida has the 2nd highest fatalities due to taser usage within the country.

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