How Welfare/Job Centre Treats the Disabled- Video

This blows my mind. First, people who work with the disabled are saints (the ones who are kind and caring -such as this lady appears to be). However, when the government expects people with any disability; mental, emotional or physical, to work I don’t understand why the public is not outraged. The sweet young woman in the below video has a serious disability and upon watching her I would like anyone with a brain to name a job she could handle.

And there is nothing wrong with not being able to hold a job. Life is not all about work, money, etc. People should feel happy, safe and secure in life- the government has no right to snatch that from people and put unneeded and unwarranted pressures on us. This young woman cannot handle a job- so why is she expected to be actively searching for work in order to receive government benefits? Why is she not on disability?

Why does it matter? What is wrong with this world, why is money, jobs, spending more time in the office or at work and little time with family and loved ones something we’ve accepted as a society?

It’s a disgrace. Plain and simple.

Embedding for this video is disabled so please click the following link to check the video and story out on youtube. Wake up people, from NSA and privacy to abortion rights being stolen, to killers and rapists being set free while drug addicts are locked up and treated as the criminals they are not…….We are being monitored and America, the UK… We don’t seem to care.

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