Elderly Murdered by Police

All of the senseless killing leaves me feeling more than sick… Ugh. These instances sadly are not rare- example (and this is sadly not the only I have nor the sickest, if possible): A few years back an elderly man whom took his wife in a local nursing home cupcakes and lunch every day was pulled over, beaten and arrested for not getting out of his car fast enough. In this instance the cop tossed the food this man made his wife onto the street, verbally harassing him as well. All was recorded by the police car, nothing was done to the cop despite the recorded, unwarranted abuse given.

Police at the end of May in Fort Worth, Texas, cops blame “bad lighting” as they’re reason they went to the wrong house after being called to house number 409- not 404, which is where they headed instead (uh, flashlights?)

This “mistake” (I prefer to call it what it was: negligence and carelessness) ended fatally.

In the very early hours of May 28, a 72 year old man by the name of Jerry Waller heard strange noises, so he got his gun for protection and went to investigate. The father of four and grandfather to six was then shot multiple times, killed inside his own garage because the cops again say, the lighting was bad, and be had a gun.

I am pro-gun (for self defense)- this man was on his own property, protecting his home and family; he shouldn’t have been killed or harmed for that matter. Upon hearing noise how was he to know he had blind cops snooping around his property? Further, he -we- allegedly have the right to protect ourselves. He didn’t fire the gun, he didn’t rush the officers. They killed yet again another innocent person and because they can’t handle that truth, they find something, anything other than themselves to blame it on. Poor lighting? Right.

The same department these cops belong to are investigating the murder so… Not a damn thing will be done or change.

Now, head over to Chicago, Illinois, to a housing center for the elderly, a retirement home to be put simple. This weekend a 95 year old man, whose name was John Warna, resisted getting in an ambulance for involuntary treatment. Yes, he had his walking cane at first, then as things progressed somehow he began threatening them with a butcher knife.

In order to use any form of knife the poor man would have had to get pretty damn close. If he threw it, the cops should have been able to dodge the knife toss (again I say ‘if he had’ given they are supposed to be physically fit and trained… These cops were there , I am assuming, because help was needed; not a murder. Police are supposed to also be trained in subduing people without killing them, talking to them is always a great idea or even distracting them while another officer took the knife from behind so he wouldn’t hurt himself with it

I see many ways this could and should have been approached. He was upset, 95 and in need of medical care. I don’t think most grown men, especially if trained properly, would struggle much in subduing him in a way that didn’t remove him from this world. He could have had 10 knives and a cane for all I care, there is no excuse for their response.

The cops, frustrated they were not being obeyed (my opinion), tazered John then shot several bean bag rounds into him. He was taken to the hospital where he would pass away.
(People say tazer guns are safe because they only send electric volts for 3 seconds. That is dangerous enough, especially in kids and the elderly; but they fail to mention that’s only when the trigger is pulled – when held down these guns will go until the battery dies out.
Bean bag rounds are supposed to be less fatal in subduing someone cops consider “dangerous”- however, the man’s physical shape, his age and his proximity to the one(s) shooting are all extremely vital when it comes to ‘fatality’.)

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