The Term “Pro-Life” For Anti’s is Sickening- There’s Nothing Pro Life About Them

Wow- I just saw the “toys” of 12 week old fetuses these amazingly simple anti-choice people were handing out in North Dakota to children and I feel a great mixture of emotions; from disgust to pity to anger… Anger at their hypocrisy. They claim the title “pro-life” about them. They don’t care for the mother or her well-being much less her future. All of which, let us not forget, impacts the fetus to be infant to be child and the life it will have, massively.

If they truly were pro-LIFE they would care about the mother first; the mother being a necessity to the life of the fetus. Saving her life should come first, for whatever reason. Saving her mental health or her career and/or goals so that when she is ready (if she ever is) she can have a child and provide it with what it needs is VITAL to for the fetus to be infant unless they don’t mind it suffering or worse through out childhood.

I don’t see them caring for the mother or fetus, really. I think what it all boils down to is the vast majority are blinded by their so called religious text which so many of them do not live by anyway…But they feel the need to impose their views and lifestyle on everyone around them.

The few who aren’t Christian simply confuse me given that science and medicine show abortion is not by any stretch of the imagination murder. I believe because it is a topic that is touchy due to it having a connection with birth and infancy some people simply recoil into automatically taking the easy way out by not looking at medical and scientific evidence.

I love children, and because I love children I never would want a child to be put into a world where either no one is ready to provide properly for it, or where the mother would have to give up her own life, dreams, goals in order to be someone she isn’t ready or maybe does not even want to be… Last but by far not least, I think it the utmost cruelty their mother -of all people- do not want it. I’ve been there- no child deserves that.

One in four to one in six pregnancies end in miscarriages, a great majority of which women do not even notice as a miscarriage but rather think is a heavy period! What do these anti-choicer’s view this as- the notion that abortion -late term included- is murder, is insane. The fact that they take up the death of a woman to try and utilize it as “proof” for their senseless cause is proof to me that calling them pro-LIFE is a sick joke as is their “cause”.

Oh, and let me speak of these women whom have passed away from abortion. Such as the Irish woman last year whom had a heart attack in London, should have been able to access health care in her country without the stresses. She was already documented as being likely to suffer a miscarriage or other problems from the pregnancy. Because of Anti-law in Ireland she had to go to London, where she sadly passed away last year. She should have been able to access health care in her country- had she been able to get proper care in Ireland, things probably would have been

A doctor in the states shared with me the few women whom have died after due to complications  may be referenced by anti’s but the main cause of death for this very small group of women was due to them not being given the needed antibiotics. Women are more likely to die giving birth than during or after an abortion. And women are more likely to die during abortion if it is made illegal once again.

How is ANY of that pro-life? They don’t include quality of life, they don’t include circumstance; they just draw on false knowledge and make up the rest as they go along, including these mini-baby dolls- not mini-fetus, mini-baby dolls to misrepresent truth and to try and lie their way into the minds of others.

Pro-life? That’s a term NO anti will ever be called by me, for it is just as inaccurate as their beliefs. Saving a woman’s life is pro-life, caring about the quality of life for the fetus to be infant is pro-life. Anyone with any amount of care and empathy should be able to comprehend that.

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