American Police…Try Following This UK Officer’s Example

I normally am not impressed by cops, there was the cop in California who saved countless people from jumping to their death off of the Golden Gate Bridge– to me he’s a cop worthy of respect- at least, from what I know. Check out that link, it is actually very inspiring.

And though I know police in England are not saints and do far more than their share of abuse; I must say if American cops responded like cops in London did today, this would be a far safer country. (Police are the biggest gang we have here in America, if you ask me. That’s sad and scary. Anyhow-)

Americans, can you imagine a cop here doing this? Because I cannot. If cops responded like the cops in London did today, hell, even if they only treated the unarmed like this… but an armed person!? 

This should make any trigger happy cop, any cop who abuses power in any way feel great shame. I don’t know how these London cops normally respond; but how they responded today should be the example of what cops must live up to (from what I know of what occurred).

The day American cops can do this, be it with an armed or unarmed person, I don’t think I’ll have words to express the happiness I’d feel. And if they did this to a person actually armed, armed with an AK 47 at that!!!….I’d probably pass out from shock.

SO with all that said, today in London on Barclay’s bank near London bridge cops chased a man armed with an AK 47 down, arrested and detained him- without any abuse (to my knowledge) or killing, gun fire, etc.

While it’s true most police in England can’t carry a gun (police with guns must be permitted to have the fatal weapon), they can and do carry tazer’s and mace. But none of that was used, either (again, as far as I know)… To me, as an American, I’m in awe.

In America I cannot count the cases of unnecessary use of a tazer against not only unarmed people but also on children and the mentally ill. For instance, a 6 year old child cutting himself in the Principles office a few years ago was tazered by male police officers. Who apparently have no idea how to handle real life situations in any other manner than aggression and over reaction.

Anyway, to sum this post up, the only other information I know is that it took the cops a little longer to respond than necessary, and in a statement it was noted that a gun was involved but not used.

I respect that; and I love this tweet from a journalist who happened to be close by and tweet about the incident:


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