Senator Doesn’t Understand What Abortion Is; Claims It’s Simply “Convenient”

With all the work there is to do from privacy to racism to police brutality to (last but not least) abortion, at least there is no shortage in Anti’s willing and eager to display their lack of intelligence as will be shown below. In addition, they also just as plainly show us their lack of empathy and compassion towards women.

Before I go on to the main focus of this post I want to explain one issue. An issue that most anti choicers try to manipulate into a horror tale in hopes of keeping women “in their place.” Like them, Missouri Senator Brian Nieves (R) either is ignorant to the true medical procedure known as a Dilation and Extraction, D&E, and in the political world it is known as Partial Birth Abortions, which is disgustingly misguiding and non-medical term -one very fit for politics and anti’s to misguide women.

Quote on this term (link at end of post):

“But “partial-birth” is not a medical term. It’s a political one, and a highly confusing one at that, with both sides disagreeing even on how many procedures take place, at what point in pregnancy, and exactly which procedures the law actually bans.”

Let’s shift focus for a moment to what occurs during a dilation and extraction; a medical/surgical abortion. I had a medical abortion, a surgical one. It was a bit different from a D&E as I will briefly try to explain. A D&E basiclly removes the fetus as if giving birth to the fetus. Additional procedure is needed for a D&X and it is due to anti law-but even a D&X is not as grotesque as they proclaim, no where near it. The D&X method is different in that the fetus is removed feet first & as much as possible is left untouched. No, it does it give you “shreds” and horror, as the antis wish you to believe. It isn’t a huge difference in result, only in procedure. It is not mutilated or horrifically mangled and whatever else the anti’s say.

Yes, there is a reason for the different methods. The reason the different forms of medical procedure is as it is, is because of Anti laws. Regardless, it is a medical procedure and that’s all there is to it. A D&X is different from a D&E (D&E being the main focus of this post, still feel the need to explain a bit) yes, but neither are cruel or inhumane.

Dilation and extraction, or in this instance a D&X, is the process given usually during the second trimester. It differs in procedure because Dr. Haskell, the man who introduced it, was searching for a way to perform second trimester abortions without the requirement of an overnight stay in the hospital. Why? Because the majority of hospitals did not allow abortions after 18 weeks, so he set out, successfully, to find a safe method for women having late term abortions.

I had a late term abortion, as noted, and I refused to look at the signs of lies protesters who need lives held up outside the clinic. Oddly, anti’s also wave these same photo-shopped signs of mangled BABIES- not even a fetus but babies- in front of clinics that do not perform abortions but simply give out birth control and other reproductive help. The photos are lies, lies which do not occur.

As always, when all else fails, lie and use fear tactics…that is their strategy.

What does occur during a Dilation and Extraction? (D&E)

A D&E is the medical procedure during which the fetus is removed, while the fetus is still INTACT. This is done by, in short, dilating the woman’s cervix, after which the COMPLETE fetus is pulled out and removed – in one piece, as if giving birth to a very premature fetus.

Anti’s want you to believe the fetus is put into some kind of twisted procedure of shredding the fetus to bits, which is so very far from the truth: both in D&E and D&X.


I do not say stay away because it shows truth; I say it for the opposite, actually. I advise staying away because the lies made from images and words may inflict unnecessary emotions based on a false reality created only by anti’s to harm women. There is no truth in them.

So now we’ve cleared up what the procedure actually is, let’s meet Missouri state Senator, Brian Nieves. He strictly and passionately from the way he wrote it believes that complications in birth are simply a “matter of convenience” for the mother . (Um. Wow?)

Someone responded by saying that

late-term abortions “are almost entirely due to complications in the third trimester that would effect the life of the mother.”

D&E and D&X medical procedures are not rare, and that does not make them evil. I am not sure which procedures are used for what in all of the states, but I was in my 23rd week when I had my D&E/D&X, both being the same thing, just different methods, neither of which are cruel or grotesque, rather life saving.

Not the point just a random few cents, sorry…

So, Missouri Senator Nieves responded to the above comment about pregnancy complications and late term abortions with the following:

“Really? Didn’t you say you have an advanced degree? Your statement about ‘Life of the Mother’ is one of the most common yet kindergarten ways of proving that you don’t even know what a partial birth abortion is!!”

Intelligently, the commenter responded with a list of some medical conditions that can develop later in pregnancy and influence a woman’s decision to abort.

The listed included but was not limited to things such as heart failure, high blood pressure, severe and/or uncontrollable diabetes, severe renal disease as well as extreme and severe fetal deformities.

The commenter did include other reasons women seek late term abortions, noting things such as not being able to afford an abortion early on in pregnancy as well as the inability to locate medical assistance.

And here it comes; Nieves actually responds to these concerns and issues with:

“Life of the Mother?’ Your own argument proves it is a matter of convenience!”

Responding to a preacher, I believe it was, Nieves states his misinformed, Christian lies by saying:

“A person commits a heinous crime, the kind we hear about in the news, and they are not allowed to be executed but an innocent baby who is wrapped in the comfort of his/her mother’s womb – Having been created by God – can be literally ripped apart, viciously murdered, and this “Man of God” supports it?!?!?! WOW!!”

*Shudder*- It is humiliating that we have, and have had, so many… unintelligent people in positions of power. The fact that this guy has any say whatsoever regarding laws, especially regarding health care of women, is terrifying; and the same with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Nieves and Perry, sadly, are not the first Republicans to claim a woman’s life is never put in danger and because of this follow up with the claim that an abortion is never required to save the woman’s life.

Former United States Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill) stated late last year that abortion should not be allowed and that is with no exception. His logic, which is very similar to most Anti’s, was:

Having an abortion for the “life of the mother” is not required. In his world he believes there is no moment or instance which can be found under which a woman would “actually” die or have her health impacted greatly due to complications later on in pregnancy. How does he come to this conclusion?

“…with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” (where the woman would actually die). “And as far as health of the mother, same thing,” Walsh concluded.

How wrong this fool is. Sorry, there is no better description for him and “his kind”. Before I end this, let’s look at a few more complications.

First from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), statistics show that Ectopic Pregnancies, where the pregnancy is outside of the uterus for example, occurs in one out of every 40 to one out of every 100 pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are life-threatening for the woman.

But obviously I have to say before I end this, life threatening needs to include mental health. Suicide. If a woman is so sure that it is not right, that she cannot handle it, that IS a medical condition and concern that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Lastly, extending on what the first commenter noted when trying to get answers from Nieves, not all women can afford an abortion and have to work at obtaining the funding. Then finding a proper clinic as close as possible, means of transportation and a place to stay during the abortion, if they are not in a “clinic friendly” location.

Then there are women who don’t find out they are pregnant until they are 4 or 5 months along. Why should they not have a choice?

Why should a fetus, whom has never lived in this life, dominate and control a woman’s life; be it her actual life or her future. Why should a woman not be able to decide if it is the right time; the right situation?

No one should have the right to ask her why. And beyond that, without a doubt, no one should have the right to take that choice away from her. Especially the government.

For more information on anything from terminology to why certain abortions are performed as they are, please click HERE. (Link goes to quote as well.)

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