A Father EVERYONE Should Remember- Murdered for Caring about His Child

I’m furious this man has not made international news; I’m furious that his killer is free, and I’m outraged that people have the audacity to say police brutality and the like are not something worth rioting over??

When I say rioting, I mean getting our rights back (if we ever had them)! Cops and those even resembling cops have a license to kill. Why? Because we let them kill and get away with it; we let the media infuriate the world with one tragic killing every few months (and they deserve justice too, my point is, they are NOT the only one- which makes it even MORE tragic!) and a few weeks later everyone has cooled down.

But it happens daily. Most people know someone it’s happened to. This man should be alive, this child should never have been hit by a wreck-less cop and if anyone says he shouldn’t have been upset that his child was hit by some insane, careless driver then I feel so much sadness for your child.

Only a LOVING parent would be outraged over their child being hit by any form of vehicle. If he had laughed it off, that’d be a bit sick. Almost as sick as the cop who killed him and is still walking about freely.

While the world turns, and forgets the names of those lost to these heartless people with a badge used as justification to kill.
Had it been me or you who killed him under these same circumstances except without the badge, do you think we’d be free?


I realize this is almost a year old. That’s the point. And again I ask, why does the word not know who Christopher Middleton is?
A man who yelled and shouted at an off-duty cop that had just ran into his 4 year old child with his motorcycle as well as the girl’s 18 year old cousin. They find a way to justify this murder, just as they do the majority of the time, and still, it goes unnoticed… Why?

I don’t care what anyone says; there is NO justification for the murder of this man.

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