Heartbroken For Women Needing Medical Abortions Being Faced With a World of Lies

good.women.have.abortionsI feel so sad for all the women in need of abortion… I have been one of them (and who is to say how many times? why should it matter?)- Thankfully I had mine a few months before Texas went even more crazy. On my YouTube channel I have the most insane comments that just make me shake my head and leave me at a loss as to what to say in response. Speaking to anti’s is like speaking to a cracked wall. But more on that later.
It worries me because while abortion is not a fun occasion, it is a moral one. If a child is not wanted, if it is not yet time for the woman to have a child, if there is something wrong with the fetus that the parent(s) could not afford or bare to see their child endure, if the woman cannot handle the pregnancy,…whatever the case, ABORTION (IF WANTED BY THE WOMAN) IS* THE ANSWER. YOU WANT TO SPEAK OF SIN? SIN TO ME WOULD MEAN WRONG DOING, EVIL…EVIL TO ME IS BRINGING AN UNWANTED CHILD (SUCH AS I HAVE BEEN) INTO A WORLD TO SUFFER.

Moral and love is caring enough to put that fetus which would become a baby before yourself and realizing it is better off not entering a world where it is not wanted or into the arms of a person whom is not ready for it. But if you think with your heart, if you think with love, with logic about the future, they -we- are deemed evil. THAT IS WRONG.-

Some lady wrote me on YouTube a story about her experience and this is what worries me for women. She came to me saying how she was me x amount of years ago, went for an abortion but was refused because her doctor couldn’t have children. Anti’s will through scare tactics at women and while I, by far, am not the strongest woman in the world, I fear women hear them and make choices that aren’t right for them or the fetus simply because these anti choice people are so obsessed with things that are not right scientifically or morally.

I say morally because that’s the crime; bringing a child into this world you aren’t ready for and don’t want. I believe in choice, if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. But I am very pro-abortion, because there are so many people out there who are anti-abortion, filled with venomous lies- and I know how it feels to be the woman having the abortion; I remember the other women who were there having abortions…and for them and for myself, I stand firmly and proudly in saying I believe every woman should have the choice, and if they want an abortion I will walk by them every step of the way if I can.

For there is NOTHING evil or wrong in saving your future or your own life. I am not against birth control, against other responsible behavior but nothing is 100% and people make mistakes. A person who slips up once should not punish themselves and another for the rest of their lives because they made a mistake.

At the end of the day, I hope women will remember; the choice is yours- don’t listen to me, don’t listen to the anti’s- listen to your heart. That’s where the REAL answer is.

2 thoughts on “Heartbroken For Women Needing Medical Abortions Being Faced With a World of Lies”

  1. It’s so disappointing that the issue of abortion is so polarised and illogically debated. I truly believe it is a public issue not a private one (since the health of both mothers and their babies are public issues). That means we need to find a language to talk about it without resorting to just repeating assertions. Both sides are guilty of this. To me, abortion is a health issue not a property or religious one. I have been faced with a pregnancy that seriously threatened my health and this just reinforced my views.

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