Abortion Won’t Go Away – Legal or Not… So…

It is very depressing for me to hear that the sickening Governor Rick Perry, TX, (R) has signed such an anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-medical and anti-health care bill. I have no doubt women will fight, I have no doubt the women of Texas will; but I also believe we as a people need to inform ourselves.

Had abortion been illegal when I went through mine, especially under the circumstances and time, I would have either had to go “underground” or whatever you want to call it, or I would have gone to sleep one day to never wake again, and I would have been thankful at that time. This scares me for women all over America, and Texas.

I think we need professional knowledge, professionals willing to aid, we need knowledge of safety and all other medical concerns for women will have abortions; I would have if it had been my only means, and I don’t say it to suggest it to anyone; I say it because it’s the truth.

This doesn’t and won’t stop abortion; it just makes it more dangerous for the life of a human being; the woman. I think we need to be prepared in case they steal our right to decide, even if it is only just for a year…the number of lives of women that may be saved by this sort of knowledge just over that year would be worth it.

Where to start? Any ideas, tips, thoughts etc… I believe this is something vital we begin work on, as a backup plan, for the rights and safety of all women.

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