How Can You Say Zimmerman Isn’t a Murderer After His Past, ALONE?

Someone known for having a violent past, from domestic violence and sexual abuse/incest for over a DECADE, and other violent measures is not someone I personally think of as trust worthy to hold a gun; whether each one of these cases “happened to” not go to a felony charge or not.

If you think George Zimmerman is innocent still, I encourage you to read the following and please feel free to share why you think it is wrong. To me, he is murderer of an unarmed teenager. And he not only is free but is also free to get his gun back after the unjust acquittal. The scum whom represented him says Zimmerman needs his gun “even more” now. Some people say we will never know what happened or whom did what first, but the bottom line is Zimmerman is supposed to be a man, or rather, an adult, and Trayvon was an unarmed teenager.

Speaking of fists fights, Zimmerman should have been charged simply for hitting a minor if it had gone that way; so for KILLING an unarmed minor, things should be a hell of a lot different. And if a grown man couldn’t fight off a teenager or with strain him, (I do not blame this on Trayvon, by the way, I believe this to completely be Zimmerman, I am saying IF) then he shouldn’t have the title as a man; what if it had been his own teenage child fighting him, would he have pulled out his gun and killed him, too?

The Huffington Post made a great point for all those who believe Zimmerman is no killer and was only acting in “self defense” by shooting a teenager that he had –for no legit reason- been following, there are a few things you should consider.

Zimmerman could have listened to the 911 operator and not followed Martin. Talking to an operator, Zimmerman complained, “These assholes, they always get away.”

He later narrated, “Shit, he’s running.”

“Are you following him?” the operator asked.

Zimmerman confirmed he was. “Ok, we don’t need you to do that,” the operator told him.

If Zimmerman had simply let Martin run away, he’d be alive today.

Martin, it later emerged, found Zimmerman as deeply suspicious as Zimmerman found him. Only one of those judgments turned out to be correct.

(Yeah, and it was Trayvon who had the right to be suspicious, not Zimmerman- On to the next truth!)

If Zimmerman had not been secretly armed, he probably wouldn’t have followed Martin. Zimmerman knew that he had an advantage in any possible confrontation with a neighbor: He was concealing a weapon. If a fight started, and Zimmerman began losing, he could pull out the gun and shoot his opponent. The state of Florida allows Zimmerman to patrol his neighborhood armed, which emboldened him.

(And then there is always Zimmerman’s neglected past history of violence. Let’s look!)

Zimmerman could have been barred from carrying a weapon. Zimmerman had a long history of violence, including a restraining order for domestic violence, felony charges of resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer (the charge was pled down to a misdemeanor and then closed; Zimmerman’s dad was a magistrate at the time).

He was bounced from a job as a bouncer for being too aggressive with patrons, the New York Daily News reported. And a family member accused him of a pattern of sexual molestation. He wasn’t convicted of any felony charges, which could have barred him from a gun license, but in some societies, people would determine that such a history makes someone less than an ideal candidate for the right to carry around a hidden loaded weapon.

(And then there is always the option of not being a killer…)

Zimmerman could have not shot and killed Martin. Regardless of who threw the first punch, a series of aggressive decisions by Zimmerman led toward the fight that broke out. Zimmerman therefore bears some responsibility for the altercation. If one starts a fight and loses, the result is generally a bloody nose, a fat lip, a black eye, a concussion or even a broken bone.

That’s the price one pays for getting into a fight, and it tends to be a deterrent to starting a fight. Zimmerman could have chosen to take his lumps and rethink the decisions he had made that landed him where he was. Instead, he pulled out his gun, squeezed the trigger and killed Trayvon Martin.

I cannot word this last part any better. Based on choices made, it seems none of those above matter to Zimmerman supporters. They seem to think what should have occurred that night is the following:

“Of course, there’s a seventh decision that could have been made that night — Trayvon Martin could have chosen to not defend himself.” Continued,

It’s important to note that the jury’s verdict sends a message to anyone confronted or pursued by another man: If you engage the confrontation, even an act of self defense could be used as justification to shoot and kill you.

What led up to the confrontation in the Martin-Zimmerman case was ruled irrelevant; only Zimmerman’s state of mind at the time he shot him was to be taken into account by the jury. That doesn’t leave someone being followed through their neighborhood many options other than fighting back.

This is justice? Hardly. The riots that follow should not stop nor cease nor should we have a barrier because of color, race, nationality, or reason we fight. Too many young men, especially Black and brown and poor have been slaughtered or beaten by the cops or those in a position of “authority”- as if being stalked being addressed isn’t creepy or sick enough, the killing of Trayvon, like countless others, hasn’t been addressed either…

With that, there’s no getting around it. It’s long past time the public –no matter who you are- start demanding justice for lives taken or abused. As I said in my last post, privacy, NSA- yeah we should be outraged and rioting about this too. But because there is more than one wrong in our society, we should not cancel out another. People in position of authority have been abusing their so called power for far too long.

This, too, is an issue just as important as our privacy that needs to be addressed and should not be made less of an issue; because Trayvon is not the first nor the last, and as I write this there are stories backing up for me to write about just as tragic as this one. How is this, an unjust killing, another unjust killing, not something worth rioting or taking action against, given it’s been happening for hundreds of years……

Read the complete article on the huffington post HERE.

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