Zimmerman NOT GUILTY?! Again!? How Many More Times!

I am not surprised nor shocked but I did hope for SOME form of punishment. He killed an unarmed teen -oh no, wait, he was armed with concrete (but then again so was Zimmerman; that and more) and he gets off with not a single bit of punishment?! AGAIN!? This happens all the time, but when it makes the media you’d think it would cause some sort of outrage.

I read some chick saying people are willing to riot over Zimmerman but not “more important” things like NSA. More important?!  People have been getting slaughtered by cops and people of the like for centuries and then walking; is it because it doesn’t impact YOU that you think it is “silly” if I recall correct to riot over the death of, YET AGAIN, an innocent teenager!?

While NSA and whistle blowing and our privacy IS an issue that the people should be rioting over, SO ARE CASES LIKE THIS! This has been happening to people for AGES all over the world INCLUDING here in America. People should be outraged at the killing of innocents by those in any form of “power” or by any form of hate filled bigot. Especially when they usually are set free!

She also made a note of how there was no media blackout; showing her brilliant stupidity and ignorance for 98% of police brutality “security guard” cases don’t get the attention this one did!

Point in fact is this; we do need a revolution, over the issue of our privacy but also over the issue that the government is allowing the slaughter of our people; when I say our people I don’t mean one color, I mean PEOPLE- people are people; Black and Brown and poor communities are targeted FAR more but we need to look over the hate and ignorance instilled color and nationality barriers and all come together with our rightful rage as ONE.

Screw what you LOOK like it’s what’s inside that matters. Cases like Zimmerman may show that racism is very much alive; and it is, but in the good people, in those of us who DO NOT STAND FOR THIS, we need to join together, regardless of color, background, etc. and demand JUSTICE or NO freaking peace!

This is the ONLY way we can get any kind of justice. Not saying to lose PRIDE in who you are and where you come from; but! so many of us need to get nationality, even if it is relevant to the causes you fight for. Not any ONE race, color, religion, etc are all the same; not ONE. Those of us who see injustice and wanna fight for it, we need to join together and create the force they are trying to kill in us. They have successfully done it so far and look where it has us!

I’m more than outraged for Trayvon and his family. I’m more than outraged at this disgusting so called legal system. I’m angry at America, but then I have been for sometime. We obviously need to be outraged that the government is watching my computer AS I WRITE THIS POST- but we also need to be outraged that YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN AND CHILDREN are being SLAUGHTERED at the hands of those in power (if you wanna call a so called security guard POWER) and then being set off free!

The lies the media threw out there for those who were not willing or were too lazy to do their own research about was disgusting. Some of the lies I heard people quoting made me sick; but to those of us who know the truth, be it regarding this case, another case, we need to take action NOW! As I say EVERY TIME this happens. It’s bad enough when there is no media attention (i.e., MEDIA BLACK OUT) but when there IS media attention and the masses do NOTHING for their fellow man, there is NO excuse. You are just as bad as that sick killer if you do NOTHING.

And yeah, let’s all fight against NSA and privacy issues as well, hell yeah! Nothing has to be about one sole topic, but the point is we need to organize, come together, and take it all on together; for divided nothing is gonna change. EVER.

I’m Ready;

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