Officer on Paid Leave After Assaulting Pregnant Wife

This makes me sick; all that I write on pretty much does because it shows society’s ugly side, but it hits home a bit too much. And it is an open dismissal of violence against women, if you ask me.

Quincy Police Captain Michael Miller has been put on a paid vacation aka administrative leave after being charged with aggravated assault…against his former wife, who is 9 months pregnant. Apparently, this cop went to pick up his five year old daughter Friday when the assault happened. Details to my knowledge have not been released yet.

At 4 in the afternoon the police received the phone call for a domestic violence dispute. Later that day, his former wife filed a restraining order against Miller. Chief Keenan claimed:“Quincy Police served it late at night Friday night. We served it without incident. We took his firearm and firearms ID as is required by law.”

He goes on to say…

“At this point it’s only an allegation. It would depend on the criminal activity or what he’s involved with. We’ll have to wait on what the charges are and what comes out of the court process.”


The next day, she returned to the station and filled out an affidavit in regards to the restraining order, at this point police decided to issue criminal charges. After Miller found out about the charges he went to the station like a good abuser, always playing the victim himself, I’m sure, was booked, but bailed out shortly thereafter.

And here, we meet Jack McGlone, Miller’s lawyer, a sickening man in himself from what I’ve heard come out of his mouth. You’ll see soon enough.

“If and when”, the police chief says, Miller is allowed to return to work depends on the court’s findings and that he expects his abusive client to be back at work within weeks. But until “the court” makes its decision, his place of employment, a place they claim is to protect and serve, will keep sending him his payments. Keenan stated this many times over, making note that the abuser is on paid administrative leave and will continue to be paid. He will continue to have the luxury of doing no work, sleeping in late yet still receiving a paycheck. This is known as a paid vacation, a perk of being an abusive and manipulating cop.

Sorry to you skeptics out there but I do not believe for one moment that a woman would make this up. It’s humiliating even though it should not be for they (the abusers) are the ones who do wrong but it still is. I am on the victims side until they prove me wrong.

Miller’s arrogant and disgusting attorney says the couple were arguing about money when Miller’s wife (always the victims fault) went into another room. When “one of the two” opened the door, her stomach was hit. But to make it more insane, his attorney claims the reason she called police was because he first threatened to call his fellow cops himself, over custody issues.

Oh, let us not forget, charges of assault against a pregnant woman are a felony. I am assuming he’s a bit scared, and needed a good lie. Sadly, using the poor 5 year old girl as the scape goat was how he is trying to escape.

And isn’t it funny how custody issues never was mentioned until an excuse was needed. Miller and his lawyer are full of lies, any way you look at it, in my opinion. McGlone then said he suspects Plymouth police don’t want to be accused of being biased or showing favoritism by not issuing charges, thus why this has gone this far.

I’ve never understood how lawyers can defend people like Miller. But, in any case, Miller’s lawyer has stated he is fearful of not having the case dismissed “soon enough”- because we all know a felony leaves a permanent mark on a person’s record. However, hopeful McGlone states he “hopes the case is dismissed” before an arraignment to ensure the charges are not listed on McGlone’s permanent record.

None of this is out of sync with statistics and research. The “Police Profession” is number one when it comes to domestic violence.  Do a bit of research. In time I’ll post some up myself.

Not only do cops get away with abuse on the street but also at home. Police officers have the highest rates of not only divorce and alcoholism, but domestic violence as well. They like power, that’s all there is to it. This case is not far fetched from the woman’s side, but it is from the cops side. However, his attorney made the following and enraging dismissive statement regarding the woman, stating:

“At the end of the day, the case will be dismissed. It’s being blown way out of proportion,” he said.

He is currently in the middle of looking for ways to dismiss the case on July 15th. Being he is representing a cop, I don’t think he has much work to do.

Unless you have lived in an abusive situation, you cannot understand the victims life. Hopefully you have sympathy and don’ judge because she “doesn’t leave” as that is one of the hardest things ever to do, for countless reasons. And each of those reasons are unique to each woman.

My mom is in a severely abusive relationship so I understand the upset that comes along with not understanding why in the world she won’t leave, no one wants to see their mother treated as she is. I finally received a glimpse of why women like my mom do not leave abusive relationships, not only because me and her talk more about it now, but also because I underwent many years of abuse in a relationship before leaving.

Women do not stay because we want the abuse, because we want to be martyrs, or whatever insane thing the ignorant say. Every situation is different, every reason is more complex than anyone can imagine and no one has the right to judge even if they don’t understand why. I understand why my mom stays, but that doesn’t make the pain of what she endures any easier on me. But turning your back, being angry or cruel to an already abused soul is not helpful.

There are ways out, if you are trying to help someone out of an abusive situation, find out what it is that is keeping them, I would advise, and work with them, no matter how long it takes, to get the hell out of there. No one, woman or man, deserves abuse. Nor judgment by others.

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