NYC Teacher, Felix Cross, Killed by Careless Officer

Prime example of what I'm talking about.
Prime example of what I’m talking about.

When cops commit a crime, what happens to them? What happens when they shoot unarmed men, women and teens; or if they bully anyone but especially a teen to suicide? What happens when they are driving drunk and have a wreck, killing someone’s wife or husband? What happens when a cop is texting or chatting away on the phone, hits someone and kills them?

I suppose we all know that answer; and that’s what makes it so much harder to handle. We know but are doing nothing to change it… Why?!

Police live above the law. Period. The for-profit media doesn’t cover a fraction of the people harmed or murdered in America by cops, just as they don’t cover police abusing their power in other ways; i.e., victims of the harassed, beaten, raped or sexually assaulted.

When cops do any form of misconduct or evil they are always justified- somehow. Even when it is caught on video, seen by witnesses…they tend to always worm their way out. And finding a lawyer for these cases is never as easy as some may think.

In fact, when I worked as a manager at a national police brutality agency more than once I called looking for the victim a lawyer. In one incident I had two different lawyers tell me they were too afraid of the police to take the case; they put it that bluntly, one also added he knew most lawyers would also be too afraid, and suggested I instead would be better off looking in bordering states.

If any other person did the vicious crimes police do we’d be killed or imprisoned for years. Like the cops in Boston who were caught using Cocaine heavily, they didn’t go to prison like the rest of the population; hell, they didn’t even lose their job. Read about that by clicking HERE.

That’s just the sad reality of it. Until the people demand justice, fight for it; they’ll continue to kill, beat and harass… without punishment.

With all that said…

Tragically, Saturday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 61 year old Felix Cross was walking on the crosswalk when he was hit by a cop chatting on her cell phone, obviously not paying attention. And isn’t it illegal to talk on the phone and drive here in NYC? So much for her respect for law.

The Brooklyn cop, Paula Medrano, of the NYPD’s 90th Precinct sadly and prematurely ended the teachers life due to her lack of attention and lack of obeying the laws she allegedly enforces.

What’s more, had the situation been reversed and he hit her due to talking on his cell phone there is no doubt what his or mine or your fate would be… But because Paula is a cop, what will happen to her?

Currently, Internal Affairs of the NYPD are subpoenaing phone records of her cell phone to see if it matches with the timeline, and what witnesses saw: her holding her cell phone up to her ear as she made the careless, and tragically fatal, turn.

Having their own Internal Affair department investigate these things (as police departments typically do) is absurd. They aren’t (or rarely) going to speak out against their own kind. Independent investigations should be done; and when an innocent person is killed or harmed in any way, the cops should have to -at the very least- be held accountable for their actions.

Personally, I believe they should be held to a higher standard because they are supposed to be “trained professionals”. But at this point, just being given the punishment the rest of us would receive would do.

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