11 Year Old Autistic Child Tazerd by Police in Oregon – Sadly Not Alone

In Oregon, an 11 year old girl with a severe form of Autism and unable to respond or communicate verbally was tasered by police. A man by the name of Adam Bednar noticed the child walking nude down the highway Saturday. He drove along beside her in an attempt to protect her as he phoned the cops who are supposed to be trained in working with emergencies and children.

Though the cops make the claim that it was necessary to move her to stop her from danger, but was she in danger? From witness reports it sounds unlikely, and besides there are other ways to move a child than give them a volt of electricity known to kill grown men. As for danger, witnesses Bednar state she wasn’t even walking towards the road, anyhow.

Police say they warned her twice before tasering her, but as said, there are other ways to deal with a person than tasering. Such as Bednar said:

“She wasn’t going off the road, she was set on walking down the freeway,” said Bednar. “And I think that, had [the trooper] waited for back up, they could have gotten her without the Taser.”

As for the reasons for her behavior, OSP says she likely has Autism. Bednar says whatever it was, it was baffling.”

In the past, state troopers have received multiple calls regarding this young girl running away. The issue of police using excessive force is common place everywhere if you ask me but it was only last year an investigation of Portland, Oregon police found there was in fact a, “pattern of abuse” as well as excessive force and tasering, especially on those whom suffer from mental illness. Though I believe Autism isn’t a form of mental illness, rather, a mental disability, it still reflects the same abusive nature of the police.

It was only last month, in May, when Oregon police beat and tasered a defenseless man, all caught on video, all show the man doing nothing even remotely threatening to the police. Click here for the video and article.

A study in Maine has found that half the people shot by cops suffer from mental illness. You can view this truthful and sickening study by clicking here.

Her father speaks out, here:

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