Hundreds Rally to Declare “I Stand with Snowden” | Common Dreams

I, too, stand by Edward Snowden and all other political activists and prisoners; from Dr. Mutulu Shakur to Bradley Manning… Praise them, they do not deserve to be damned to the horrible treatments which they have been under. We need not lose one more soul, as we tragically have Aaron Swartz, because they are intelligent and strong enough to stand for the people, for knowledge and truth; and brave enough to act upon what is right, not cowering to a corrupt government and unjust world.

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

In a massive outpouring of support for the 29-year-old systems administrator behind last week’s National Security Administration surveillance leak, hundreds of civil liberties advocates and concerned citizens are staging a mass demonstration in New York City’s Union Square Monday at noon to declare: “I stand with Edward Snowden.”

The demonstration follows revelations Sunday on the identity of the whistleblower, a contracted employee for the private defense company Booz Allen Hamilton, after he came forward in an interview with The Guardian newspaper. Snowden was the source behind the outlet’s multiple breaking news stories on the NSA’s massive surveillance mechanism.

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via Hundreds Rally to Declare “I Stand with Snowden” | Common Dreams.

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