Don’t Be Ashamed of Abortion – Let’s Not Go Back in Time America…

Another pro-choice, aka, pro-life post from yours truly. Today I said one of many reasons I support abortion. Of course, anti-choice/anti-life attackers came to debate. I don’t debate online, especially on twitter, because it’s pointless. Same argument that has no legitimacy and what they were saying was not even relevant to what I said. Because of a serious family issue I was in no mood to argue. But now, I think I will sit here and write a nice rant for all to read.

Abortion saves women from suicide.

photoThought I’d try writing it out for you guys 🙂

I did not say the majority of pregnant women attempt suicide, I said, it saves women from it. I know this because it saved me from killing myself. I say this because other women have tried it, failed, and then were tried for murder – which is an atrocity but very in sync with our governments mentality.

Abortion also does save the lives of women, be it in the form of life or death or, career wise. It saves the fetus from being born into a neglectful world; on and on I could go but won’t because there is no point. Bottom line is, abortion is a choice no one is forcing any one to make. But it should be there and available for those who need OR want one.

There is no ending abortion. If it is made illegal and we as a nation step back in time, we will have more death. Being that I am pro-choice, I am also pro-life, and see a problem in this. While the exact numbers are not certain regarding how many women died from “back-alley abortions” prior Roe V Wade, it is estimated at least 5,000 women died ANNUALLY. If abortion is made illegal again, more women will die and the fetus these anti’s are so concerned about will not be able to progress either. Women do not deserve to have to resort to back alley abortions when medical care is available, and could/should be made more available. Some anti a few days ago was ranting at me the fetus should be cared for more than the mother. If she wants the keep the fetus then adjustments are made so she can go on to develop a healthy baby. If, on the other hand, she does not want to have a child or is in danger, her needs should be put first.

Her body. Her choice. Not yours.

Oh, and the annual estimate of 5,000 is just in America. Right now in Ireland the women are fighting for their right to safe and legal abortion. Before abortion was made legal in the UK at least 10% of pregnant women committed suicide while pregnant. I understand why. If it had not been for Whole Women’s Health clinic (link in case any one needs it) and a late-term abortion, I would no longer be here. I owe them everything; I cannot thank them enough for the kindness, love, compassion and of course the safe, clean, legal medical procedure they gave me. I forever will owe them.

Back on topic; I understand (and don’t care that) my life may not matter to you, and many days it may not matter to me; but I know I have many things left to accomplish; including volunteer as well as career goals, not to mention, I plan on solving health issues before having children. To me this is love because I don’t want to bring a child into this world until my husband and I can provide all it needs. For this, I and other women are called socio-paths and more. We are called names because they have no argument against us that is valid or of any sense so they resort to name calling.

1 in 3 women in America will have an abortion. Making abortion illegal, chasing them down and trying to use your fire and brimstone fear tactics on us will not do anything but make you look like a lunatic. Sadly, I know people end up feeling they’ve committed a “sin” because of these lies. I said in my video I would provide links for Christian women, I had two but apparently failed to save them. But I will post them as soon as I locate them. Another thing that may be said is women who have abortions will regret it! … Not really. Not until you keep pushing and demanding that they respond with regret or be deemed a monster. Most of us though don’t see regret it and no amount of demanding or pushing or fear speech from you can change that.

Alternatives to abortion? That’s my next post. It will be more essay like, as I am strongly against adoption. I’ve lived it, I see no reason a child should be brought into the world to suffer. But it’s everyone’s right to make the choice to put the child up for adoption. I am personally against it, but you have the right to be for it.

See how this works? Just because you don’t support something or think something is wrong, doesn’t mean you must demand no one have access to it or demean the people who engage in it, nor does it mean YOU have to do it. It means, having an opinion and applying it to your life while not trying to shove your belief and lies down other people’s throats.

Do what’s right for YOU- don’t ever do it for anyone else; you know what you are ready for and are not; you know what you can and can’t handle, what you want and don’t… Listen to your heart. Not their hateful fear filled speeches and disgusting as well as degrading signs they waste their time marching about with.

Listen to your heart.

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