Join Jeremy Hammond’s Brother & Tell Judge Loretta Preska To Give Some Justice


Please sign the petition to help Jeremy Hammond; a computer activist who has harmed no one, but been locked up since March 2012 “awaiting trial”. Please tell the American government pedophiles and rapists (ETC) should be in prison; not a young man whom is intelligent and wants to better society, again, harming not one soul!  It only takes a second. Please click the link below to read his twin brother’s plea for Jeremy. Here you can also add your name to the petition, and your reason for signing (the latter is optional for those who don’t desire to do it). Stand up for something REAL. Jeremy is being prosecuted under the same “law” they tried to get Aaron Swartz with. Sadly, we lost Aaron due to this. Like Jeremy, he had hurt not one soul and simply was a young, intelligent man that cared about society and where it is going. He tragically took his own life instead of being the victim of this unjust system. For his beautiful memory, for those taken from the struggle, please stand with us, and for us; for the life Jeremy has left to live; hell, the life all of us who care about the world have left to live! Are you telling us this is our destiny if we stand up for what is right?

If anyone is interested, this is what I wrote:

“This is important to me because we have real crime going on; murderers, rapists, REAL drug dealers -and i don’t mean guys on the corner, i mean the ones bringing the hard, fatal drugs in; still out and about. WORSE! we have pedophiles!!! serving an average of a few years, when they should never be allowed back on our streets again!!

Children being raped, molested; women and men being raped and molested, beaten, killed, DAILY- and you want to lock up this young man? How does he pose a threat to society? By education? By questioning things like any intelligent human should? He is a hero, not a criminal. You guys are letting all the REAL criminals roam about our country while locking up people for things that are either NOT crimes (i.e., COMPUTER/”CYBER” “OFFENSES” SUCH AS THIS!) or you are arresting people who need help, damning their future and sentencing them to a life of imprisonment in poverty because who is going to hire or help out an ex-DRUG offender?


You are punishing the righteous and letting the criminals roam freely, if you truly care about our society, about people who have good hearts and good intention; how can you keep this young man locked up any longer? If you think he needs punishment, how can you not say that his impending and continued imprisonment as well as the sentencing – the imprisonment since March 2012 has not been enough?

Please free real men like Jeremy. Punishing people for doing right, for harming no one; especially while letting other criminals roam free is teaching nothing good to the youth.

Please, free him… For his sake, for the sake of society; put in his place an actual criminal; something he is so very far from being!”

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