Interview with Immortal Tech & WHY Banning Guns Will Not Work & More.

One of the few real rappers left talks about gun violence, America’s love for violence and why banning guns will not change it. To add to what he says, I just gotta say… A violent person is gonna find a way to be violent. As he goes on to say, American’s don’t care about kids in other countries getting killed, but kids getting killed in America or in England, that’s a horror! Kids dying, people dying, anywhere is a tragedy… Not just here in the US or UK.

If for some reason you don’t know who he is, he is not a rapper who raps about gun toting, money and whores. He speaks of knowledge, truth and with a ton of wisdom. This is a video definitely worth checking out no matter where you stand on guns; all people, but especially if you are not from the poor areas of the USA. We need to address this issue ourselves; cops and the government will just turned banned weapons into the new “war on drugs” aka “war on the people”- simply giving them a new means to lock people up in their money making prison industry.

And for  those who want more… Another interview with Immortal Tech regarding how it is our job to make sure we aren’t ignorant, each and every one of us has that rightful duty… And how the ignorance of so many, impacts everyone in the world. Tech may be a rapper, but above all else, he is an activist, a down to earth man who knows the truth…and who has an absolute blessing when it comes to what I consider to be poetry. (REAL rap=poetry. Lil Wayne= NOT real rap.)

And last but not least, to make sure everyone gets the chance to hear his music lol, here is one of my favorites…

It is the story of how Cocaine makes its way into this country (USA), from the perspective of all the parties involved. As he says, it’s a lot deeper than just the (dealer) on your block… Each artist has a different role in the song… Brilliant piece of art… Check it out. Want or need lyrics? HERE.

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