Stop-and-Frisk Trial: NYPD’s ‘Top Stopper’ Stopped Almost All Blacks, Was Never Questioned For It

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More evidence is coming in that stop-and-frisk is race-based.


May 9, 2013  |
NYPD officer Kha Dang, of the 88th precinct, made 127 street stops in the three months between July and September, making him one of the department’s “top stoppers” that quarter. None of the stops involved white people, and 90% of them involved blacks. Each of the 100-plus stops, however, was not for one person, but for an average of three.

Stop-and-frisk is supposed to be a crime-fighting tool ostensibly intended to get weapons off the street. In order to conduct a stop, officers must be able to articulate “reasonable suspicion” that the person they stopped has commited or is about to commit a crime. For a frisk, they must observe a bulge that resembles a gun, or reasonably fear for their safety. If an officer conducts a frisk and feels what he…

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