Diabetic, Alabama Teenage Girl Beat & Arrested for Falling Asleep

I don’t know why this insanity isn’t painted on every damn television screen and on every radio station in America. Not just this case, but every single last case of police brutality, racism, sexism…especially when all of those things apply to KIDS- teens AND children. Maybe if it were plastered everywhere, every time it happened some form of REAL action would be taken against the cops and any one else who abuses their power!

Once more we are shown the sad, realistic “school to prison pipeline”- which more than disproportionately impacts the Black and Brown communities. PBS has released a fact sheet which states that:

“70 percent of students involved in ‘in-school’ arrests or referred to law enforcement are black or Latino.”

I also want to note this is NOT the first time nor, I assume, the last time I have written on something like this happening. Last time it was an elderly man, this time, it’s a teenage girl in Hoover, Alabama. A teenage girl who struggles with type II diabetes, sleep apnea and asthma.

The young girl, Ashlynn Avery, had been suspended for skipping class and was sent to a room reserved for “in-school suspension” for her punishment. Now, as noted Ashlynn had sleep apnea, diabetes, etc but for the sake of being human, if a kid falls asleep in class -type of class NOT relevant- regardless as to if they have any disorder(s) that would impact their sleep and/or health; not one soul deserves to be treated as she was.

Not long before the police incident occurs, she had been trying to read in her cubicle but dozed off when the in-school suspension supervisor came to her cubicle and struck it, causing the cubicle to hit her head. Nevertheless, she soon fell back asleep. This time the supervisor took the book she was reading (“Huckleberry Finn”), slammed it on the desk so hard that it bounced back and hit her in the chest.

As stated in the complaint, Ashlynn was instructed to leave the room, which she did, to phone her mother. As she was on the phone with her mom, police officer Christopher Bryan came up from behind and aggressively slapped her backpack. Not knowing who it was she simply replied, “Leave me alone.” Still on the phone with her mother, Officer Bryan proceeded to shove Ashlynn face first into a file cabinet and then arrest her.

On the way to the Police Department, Ashlynn was -understandably so- in a very distraught emotional state. As a result, she vomited in the cop’s car. As a result of all the abuse she underwent, both physical and emotional, she was taken to Children’s Health Center Emergency Department, where they put her in a cast. In addition to this, follow-up care is required for her shoulder, arm and wrist as well as required extended counseling for being victim of a trauma.

According to Courthouse News Service her family is seeking

“compensatory and punitive damages for civil rights violations, battery and negligent supervision and hiring.”

Seems to me that is a bit of a LIGHT charge; especially when the victim is a female teenager.

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