Assata Shakur is not a Terrorist, She is us; Sign the Petition

Moorbey'z Blog

I agree with Angela Davis that Assata Shakur is being called a terrorist to reign fear in especially Black political activists, people of color and persons who look up to her as an icon. it is a political move that is also putting her life at risk while still on exile in Cuba.  now I ask u to please sign tha petition on behalf of Queen Mother Assata Shakur. Do this so that u can tell urself and tha grandbabie’s that u committed at least1 revolutionary act during ur lifetime.

During a turbulent time during 70’z im amerikkka student’s were raging, and tha black power movement was in full effect, So today I ask u to 4 her what she has and was doing 4 us all back in tha…

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