When Did I Become the Crazy One?

Mental Illness, be it bipolar, borderline PD or any other personality disorder, as well as every other mental illness is just as real as cancer or aids…. it’s time we start treating them as such. i love this … i also adore the photographer as i wish i were more artistic and capable when it comes to photographing candid shots of people….

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Danielle in New York City. She is a woman with bipolar disorder, and accompanying anxiety and depression. She used to work full time and ride the subway daily, but is no longer able to.

About this photo: “I remember him clearly. The urban cowboy. The faceless man all in black. He sat across from me on what would be my last subway ride. I couldn’t help but look. He seemed so out of place. His black boots scuffed but taken care of. Cowboy hat, worn but loved, shielding his averted eyes. 

We sat a few mere feet from each other, but we never made eye contact. The subway seemed clean that day, save for the occasional abandoned paper bag or newspaper page. It still smelled though, that thick musky scent I used to know so well.

He looked down at his phone, never once looking up. Probably zoning…

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