Another #Video to Give Thanks to All Who Help #Women & Resources Regarding #Abortion

triangleAbortion does NOT cause psychological distress, or “post-abortion syndrome.” Efforts to show it does occur appear to be politically motivated, according to U.S. researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. “The best quality studies indicate no significant differences in long-term mental health between women in the United States who choose to terminate a pregnancy and those who do not,” they wrote. From (more links below)

This is just a random video I felt compelled to make after the last article I posted. People put their lives at risk, go out of their way, give up their time; all to help other human beings, other women, get through what society tries to make them feel guilty over: Abortion.

Thank you… to the doctors, to the fundraisers, to the donators, to the true friend(s), to the staff, to the volunteers, to those who stay up all night to answer phone calls of nervous women who know the right answer and just need a bit of reassurance and kindness.

So, here is my video of gratitude, I suppose… With me giving what I hope will stand as reminders to any and all other women who have had or are going to have an abortion that they are not evil, or bad. I know the likelihood the woman I spoke to the night before mine will see this is pretty slim… But I do hope that if you are any of the things listed above, anyone who offers love and support to women during, before, and/or after the abortion… This thank you is to you as well. It’s not much but, it is from the bottom of my heart…

Some Resources (I will Add to This):

Hmm… Do you… need to talk to someone who won’t judge you? Click HERE This is the main webpage for the above link as well as the first site you will visit to access the next link lol, this place is so very special to me because the women there make it that way. This site isn’t the message boards, but has tons of information and definitely is an excellent resource 🙂 – The absolute best place for women who’ve had abortion. Safe, no politics, no religion, no anti-choicers, and it’s about you! You and what YOU have been through; about HEALING- and for those who don’t need healing but simply are just looking for people who understand and to network with others who have had abortions this place is PERFECT.

I love this website, the women here are amazing, you will get nothing but kindness, not one mean word no matter what your situation or how bad or how good you feel; you will be met with others who have been there, and you will be welcomed with KINDNESS.

This one is excellent in general, but on this site you can look and see if your state covers abortion. If not, do not fear, hope is not lost. Check out below links and make connections 🙂 It will work out.

CAIR Project – Community Abortion Information and Resources – call this 800 number to find a clinic or find money to help pay for an abortion. 888-644-CAIR (800-644-2247)

National Abortion Federation – clinics in the USA and Canada abiding by standards governing quality of care. National Abortion Federation operates a toll free hotline at 800-772-9100 in the US and 800-424-2280 in Canada.

National Network of Abortion Funds – A national network of local groups who help women pay for and travel to abortion services in the USA.

trianglefind more feminist abortion clinics is living testimony to the courageous lives of abortion providers, activists and the women who have experienced abortion first-hand.

triangleFeminist Abortion Network – feminist clinics across the USA

Watch out for Fake Abortion Clinics – Beware! Learn the difference between a real clinic and a religious group offering free pregnancy tests and counseling. Fake clinics are named Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Birthright, and Pregnancy Aid.

Some of the writing and sites taken from a list on THIS site -They provide MANY more resources that are helpful, I highly suggest checking the site out 🙂

Donations for Abortions

Call 1-800-Abortion to speak with one of our “Live” Hotline Representatives, who are available 24 hours a day. She will be able to assist you with questions regarding the procedure, help you locate a private physician or clinic in your area and can schedule an appointment with a provider near you.

If there are any that have helped you that I’ve not added, please share in a comment 🙂

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