Second I’ve Posted Today – Suicide Not Serious to the Anti-“Choice”…?

Video 2 From Yours Truly. Just gonna copy and paste what I wrote on youtube… Point of this video: regardless of abortion or if a person is simply suicidal; it is never something to take lightly… Such as one anti-choice/anti-life Christian suggested to me today.

+ (sorry for how the video ends so abruptly, I pressed the wrong button… lmao)

*** I didn’t plan on making a second video but I am outraged at the fact that a person (which means, “PEOPLE”) can think that suicide is not an immediate threat to a person’s life. Once more, this is a bit of a personal video-blog/rant and it is NOT just for people who are considering abortion nor is it saying suicide is the only reason an abortion is right. It is NONE of those things.
What I am trying to say in this is, how dare a person, regardless of abortion beliefs,  say that suicide is not an immediate danger or threat to a person’s life? Talk about judgmental …. UGH! This is another reason I find it so hard to get along with Christians, so many of them are the most hypocritical people I’ve ever met.
Point of this blog: whether you are a man, a woman, having an abortion, not having an abortion, teen, adult, employed, unemployed, abused, not abused; whatever! Suicide is ALWAYS an “immediate threat” and should be taken seriously. The idiot who responded (and all others sharing this person’s brain will also be) banned. I can joke around but only to an extent; suicide is not funny, nor is it something to take lightly. Abortion or not.

We live in a truly sick world when there are actually people who believe that the a FETUS has more rights than a WOMAN who has LIVED. *shakes head*

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