Too Insane to Comprehend; Moronic Writer Seeks Attention by Claiming Women Should be Sterilized…

This is sickening. This, is the type of thing “anti-choicers” should protest, something we should all protest. Apparently, a free London (local) newspaper is making the call for women to be “sterilized”- stating, and I sadly quote:

“certain people should be banned altogether from producing offspring and possibly even neutered for the general good of society.”

Yeah. It should be the people who wrote the article. Sorry, annoyed sarcasm on my part. I have no evidence but am rather sure these are the “anti-choicers” and “pro-capital punishment” groups in America. Just seems like something crazy that would go along with their insane beliefs. Anyhow, back to what’s going on. (He IS for bringing the death penalty back to the UK, as a side note.)

The free paper’s “leading article” is entitled “Some People Should be Banned from Breeding“. Written by a so called man by the name of Andrew Parkes, he’s a group editor of the News Shopper. This has several editions which are distributed out through poverty struck south east London and Kent. Crime may be higher in these areas, but by no means does this indicate all people are bad, nor does it give anyone reason to judge. Until you are that person, in that neighborhood, until you have lived their life; who the hell are you to judge choices made? And the same goes for America. But, I digress again. This bigoted writer is pumping words which do not build up community spirit, respect or unity. Instead, he is spreading hatred, not only insulting women but insulting people who are in under-privileged areas world-wide.

During the final six months of 2012, the latest numbers reflect that “the Shopper” gives approximately 128,000 copies a week in given away in Bexley, Bromley, Dartford and Gravesend. I am not sure on all of those areas but I am certain that he is targeting certain groups, mainly women, and it disgusts me.

Before I go back to that, though, Ice-Cube & Krazy Bone say in the song below, “Hey young thug, the world is yours.” – All you gotta do is get up and take it. Anyone reading this in areas that are poor, with children who seem to be disturbed and hopeless, whatever your situation; please know it can change, and that being in the ghetto is not a damning situation.

And, before any make judge and don’t give the below song a listen, no, this isn’t another mindless rap song. This song has meaning; meaning kids, teens and even adults should listen to. There is more to life than the ghetto; and being born in the ghetto doesn’t mean you or any of us were a mistake.

And, it sure as hell does not mean certain women should be “sterile”!  I believe anyone reading this should take the time to listen to this video, and let the words sink in…

Back to this insanity. This writer makes what he considers to be two “points” to justify this view of sterilizing women. The first comes from a woman whom was jailed last weak for “Perverting the Cause of Justice” when she provided her sons a false alibi after they allegedly had committed murder. In addition, she has two other sons who also struggle greatly with the “legal” system.

Again, don’t judge someone until you are in their shoes. Secondly, most good mothers, most real mothers protect their children with their life. But again- how dare this idiot even begin to use this as an example when a) he doesn’t know the real story or what their life was like nor the reasons. I don’t believe in murder, obviously, but self defense is another thing.

I will also add though, the teens did attack a homeless man in Liverpool. I don’t agree with murder, as I said, but you have to wonder what goes on at home and also what goes on in their life, neighborhood, etc to have kids aged 17 and 14 allegedly killing a homeless man.

Regardless of this case or any other case this idiot wants to throw up, there is NO justification or “points” he can make to “prove” his insane point of view!

His next “point” -if you want to call it that- is in a story that is almost funny if were not so tragic. Tragic in that he is actually SERIOUS it would seem. So, with his next reason for why women should be “sterile”…well, as he puts it, has:

“no brutality, no lying, no death, but you still have to question the parenting values.”

Despite not having anything really unethical happening, the moron continues with this story as his second cited reason for women to be sterilized… What a joke to the human race this “man” is! He continues:

An upset mum reported her child’s buggy had been stolen, that’s it. But wait for it, the buggy cost a mere £1,200. Now I know society is brand crazy and we always want to do the best for our children, but this is crazy and serves only to demonstrate all sense of priority has been lost. How can anyone justify spending more than a grand on a baby buggy? The child isn’t even aware what it’s being pushed around in at that age. You could buy it a second-hand car for that, or open a savings account for college. Seriously if we want our kids to develop into decent adults we’ve got to set a better example. Mind you, if I was stark raving mad enough to spend that kind of cash to push my kid around there’s no way I’d have left it unlocked so someone could nick it.”

This guy sounds like he is a bit delusional and paranoid. I have no words to describe how pathetic people like this are. What’s more disturbing is thinking of women who may read and actually feel this moron is correct. Or, the people who will have their already low self esteem lowered because of someone who disgraces women.

The bottom line is this idiot doesn’t know what he is talking about, and more than likely, he is trying to gain attention via controversy, at the cost of exploiting and abusing women.

Makes me sick!!!!

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