Original & Creative Piece of NYC Street Art From Inspiring Photographer

First of all…Yes, I am going to make a separate site for random bits such as this, but until then, I think this post belongs here.

Not only as a photographer and artist, but simply as a person who appreciates art- this is inspiring. If you are wondering why this is on this page…ponder no more! Years ago, I learned the hard way… balance is needed in order to stay sane when working and dealing with issues of life, death, human rights, etc. For me, at least. I won’t ramble about what art and photography mean to me, I will save that for another blog. For now I just want to say… given the issues I deal with daily and the content on this blog, I think any form of positivity available should be embraced. So…(Links explaining the work and such follow photos)
An awesome photographer, Jacob Kedzierski, created this really interesting piece of New York art…using nothing but the street signs in Manhattan. The 2 years I have spent traveling back and forth between home (NY), Texas and England (long story) so it’s inspiring to me but it also pulls at my heart. Not only because it is very creative and original, but because like any true piece of art, it moves my soul. Simply looking at it gives me hope I will be back home in NYC soon, for good, and all of this traveling about, feeling as if I am without a home lol will finally be over and life will be better than before I began this journey…better for both me, and my loved ones alike.

manhattansigns signs1

So! Thank you Jacob Kedzierski. I doubt you’ll ever see this- but if you do, thank you for bringing a bit of home to a homesick soul, and thank you for bringing creativity as well as inspiration along with it…It was very much needed. Much respect, and to any other artists out there…I hope this bit of art will also inspire something within you, and serve as a reminder that thinking outside of the box is not only a good thing, but something that is very much NEEDED nowadays. If ya ask me 🙂 signs2

Link to original article explaining the images, as well as a link to the images can be found HERE.

Or, you can visit his art portfolio and website by clicking HERE.

Photographer Jacob Kedzierski

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