Man with Spray Can, No Weapon, Shot by Cops…

If we must have a policing system, why must we have one so insanely stupid? Moreover, why does the government ALLOW our “policing system” to be so stupid? … Well, I have an answer to that but most people know it and if not…you should.

Before I tell the latest story, let’s think for a moment of just a few cases that are similar… Similar in that, cops “mistake” an everyday object for a gun. First one that comes to my mind and breaks my heart, Amadou Diallo. I hope everyone knows this man but if not, he was an unarmed man in New York who was shot and killed – shot at 41 times, hit 19 times, because his wallet/ID was mistaken for a gun by the cops.

There was a man in California who was extremely distressed regarding his pregnant girlfriend, sitting on his porch with his shoe in his hand…who ended up being killed by the cops because they “mistook the shoe for a gun.” And, let us not forget those who have been killed by the cops because a person (usually someone who either has a severe mental illness, mental disability or handicap and in too many cases, young kids) was trying to harm themselves.

Hell, I recently just posted of a young man who suffered from Bipolar and was an addict waiting for a bed to open up in a rehab clinic, who was unarmed and shot dead. (Yes, You Can Click Here to read this Article.)

That’s their solution: instead of helping, kill. Okay, and now, with the latest.

Los Angeles sheriff county deputies shot a man who had nothing but a spray paint can in his hand. The reason for shooting was, the man was “acting suspiciously and reached into his waistband.” I don’t buy it. And even if he had went to do something with his waistband, his life shouldn’t be put at risk because of it.

Thankfully, the 33 year old man is suspected to survive the shooting. But there are too many who do not survive, and what’s worse is these cops are still on the street…what if the next person they mistake for having a gun isn’t so lucky and doesn’t survive? How are we supposed to feel safe with police like this on the streets?

Again- no gun, no weapon found. Simply a spray can. Some may argue that if he were doing graffiti he was doing something illegal and was “asking for it.” (I’ve actually seen stupid comments like this.) First, I don’t believe graffiti should be a crime; I believe it’s art.

Secondly, it should not be something people almost die or do die because of.

No. Spray painting, graffiti, reaching into your pants, touching your waistband, running from the cops, showing your ID, reaching into your pocket to obtain your wallet, having mental issues…none of these things or things on a countless list I can’t begin to type…NONE of them justify KILLING or attempting to kill…or harming, a dog…much less a human being.

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