New Information Regarding 15 Yr Old Kid Killed by Police Sunday

Phoenix Police Department of “Public Safety” released the name of the 15 year old kid one of their officers shot and killed Sunday. The cops claim the teenage boy, Alexander Wilson, again, 15, was wanted for armed robbery and had a felony warrant out on him. According to the police, an officer with the Department of Public Safety (funny name if this wasn’t all so tragic) ran a license plate check on a vehicle on Sunday at approximately 9:30pm, then learning that the vehicle had been reported stolen Friday.

Teenagers do dumb things, if him and his friend did steal this car; it doesn’t matter… Bottom line, a car, stolen or not, is not worth dying over. Theft is not something anyone should die over. And need I mention, a good deal of the time the cops don’t even have the right person? No matter, this was carried out in the manner too many are.

As the vehicle drove into a gas station, an officer from the Department of Public Safety instructed the driver and passenger to get out of the car. Cops claim the driver started the engine and “drove at the DPS officer.” In response, the DPS officer fired his gun and the 15 year old kid was declared dead at the scene. Now, there is new information which has come forth regarding his death.

First, though. After Alexander was killed, the passenger allegedly fled, as I am sure most of us would when faced with an officer who just killed someone sitting beside us, knowing the next target would more than likely be them. He did turn himself in to the cops early Monday, however. He is 18. Both 18 and under, the eldest turned himself in after running out of what I assume was rightful fright…the 15 year old, Alexander, never getting the chance. These are kids they are killing! Ugh. Anyhow, as said, new information…

Regarding Alexander, the 15 year old the cop killed, I do not believe he drove at the officer in an intimidating way. Initially I believed this way because I usually have a distrust for what a cop says after killing someone. In addition, if he had just started the car back up and actually did try to run into the cop, unless the cop was too unfit to move, he could have avoided being hit. Not to mention, a car going at start up speed more than likely isn’t a killing machine…oh and don’t forget, shooting a tire is effective in hindering the driving process. Last but not least, most people know what harming or killing a cop brings so most people, no matter how much theft they’ve allegedly done, want to avoid it along with capital punishment.
So no. I do not believe the officer’s story. But I have even MORE reason not to believe it now! A witness has come-forth with what they saw happen Sunday.
He says the coverage of what happened was not consistent with what he witnessed Sunday night…in person. And his story sounds more like the stories I’ve personally seen both in personal life and in my past work with Police Brutality agencies.
The witness, for obvious reasons, requested to remain anonymous.
He stated to a local media outlet that he saw a cop pulling up behind the car with the two young men inside. The officer came in behind the car without any flashing lights and with no siren on. The man remained in his car with his family, telling his kids to get down and stay down as he saw the officer exit his car and run out with a gun towards the SUV the two teens were in.

“All I could tell my kids was to get down,” he stated.

The cop reached the vehicle and began screaming at the kids. With that, the witness tells us of the last few moments of young Alexander’s life:

“He (cop) got out of his car with an assault rifle in his hand, pointed it at the car.  It was unbelievable because it was literally within 10 seconds that shots were fired. So there’s no possible way this kid had a chance to surrender.”

The cop, if you recall, stated that the kid turned the car back on and was about to try and hit him with it. He then states he only fired one bullet. That isn’t what the witness saw, and an officer shooting one bullet…doesn’t seem likely- at least, to me. The witness continues:

“The driver did not try to run over the officer, that’s what I want to make clear. Shots were fired first and then the car moved slowly, so like 4-5 miles per hour. So I’m guessing the car was on drive, the brakes weren’t on and that’s when someone made a sharp turn to the right and the car crashed into the house.”

The man who witnessed all of this plans to go to the police with these statements. However, will it make a difference? I doubt it. Beatings and murders committed by cops caught on video are rarely prosecuted or treated as criminal acts. Even if the cop is actually telling the truth, no one should be dead. Theft isn’t something I support, obviously, but these were kids, for one. Kids do dumb things. Secondly, there are reasons people, including kids, do things and a cop has no right to play judge and jury. Not to mention, I see no way the cop was in danger of losing his life. The two young men were obviously the ones in danger… But, even if there was a threat to the cop, there are other ways he could have deterred the situation.

To be clear: I personally do not believe the officer’s account of what happened, but as said, even if I did, there is no justifying the death of this young man.

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