Five Year Old Suspended For Mohawk…


See the adorable kid above? Apparently, according to his school’s superintendent, he:

“…poses a disruption to the learning environment as well as violates the student dress code.”

Eh, right……….What in the world is it with people in authoritative positions, be it a cop or a school officials, who think they have a bit of control over others so they must exercise it to the point of abusing it? This cute little 5 year old kid was suspended from kindergarten for his “disruptive hair style.”  I don’t see what is so “disruptive” about it, but anyhow. The intelligent “superintendent” went on to say:

“Our policy clearly states that any dress or grooming which is disruptive or distracting to the educational process is not acceptable. In this particular case, the student’s hairstyle did provide disruption to the classroom,” Superintendent Gregg Morris stated.

With those comments: Reid Elementary School in Ohio has suspended Ethan Clos, 5, until he has a “non-disruptive” and “normal” haircut. Ethan, according to his mother, had been begging to have a Mohawk for awhile.

Over spring break she decided to treat him. He was excited, and the kids in his class did give him attention over it, but I cannot imagine how a haircut which includes the sides of the head shaven/bald with a stripe of hair down the center could be any thing close to “disruptive to the learning process.”

In my opinion, this is teaching intolerance and is nothing more than an act of “power” abuse and discrimination…to say the least. If it is not something a person see’s every day, if it is not something within the “norm” of their world, the person gets treated as an outcast.

And such is the case with Ethan. Though he isn’t the first kid in the state of Ohio to be banned from school for wearing a Mohawk. In 2008 a 6 year old was suspended for the same reason.

How does the song go? (See video at bottom. Song of TRUTH.)

“Why do schools care about your son’s braids,
more than they care for his grades?”

Self expression should be encouraged from childhood. There are too many “rules” and “laws” in place that support nothing but the system’s form of “normality” and not individual growth and expression.

That’s the TRUE crime, if you ask me.

Sadly, his mother has stated he will be returning to school Monday with his head shaved. What does this teach kids? To grow up and fit in, to not be themselves, to not think for themselves? Is it any wonder the beautiful innocence and creativity of children die out?

It’s sad when you have to have a certain type of hair style, look a certain way, dress a certain way, etc, simply to attend school. As much as I believe that our school systems need to be changed in regards to what they teach, I also believe they need to teach tolerance, diversity, acceptance, creativity and thinking outside of the norm. Something this school, and too many others, look down upon.

Question is, WHY?

Story Via Video: HeRe

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