Cops Were “Justified” in the MURDER of an Unarmed, Bipolar Male, Judge Not-So-Surprisingly Finds.

*Sigh* – So, so depressing.

In Florida back in 2008 an unarmed, non-violent young man whom suffered with Bipolar was shot to death by the police. Adam Phillips had been living with his mom that year as he waited for a spot to open up for him at the Drug Abuse Foundation. Yes, he was also a drug addict: one seeking help but put on the back burner like too many people.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a stigma society clings to. People fear the unknown and the unseen. But just because one can’t see a mental illness does not make it any less deadly or severe than physical disease, or ones that can be seen under a microscope.

One would think cops should be trained to deal with people who have mental illness, especially those who are suicidal, paranoid, delusional, manic, etc. But too many cases show they have no understanding of the human brain. Such as in this case. Phillips was Biploar and addicted to drugs, it sounds like he was going through a bit of a manic episode, and for this, he is killed. Here is what happened that night, as found in the research I have read.


Adam’s had been staying with his mother, as said.
In a moment of weakness (what I believe to be a moment of weakness) he took his mother’s purse, cell and keys and took her car. I understand it’s terrifying living with an addict, even one who is trying to recover, it is heartbreaking and scary. I am sure calling the cops was what she thought was best…sadly the cops proved her wrong.

They waited, and finally he pulled into an area “where there were lots of police vehicles,” the ruling would state.

It’s important to note here, the cops admitted he was not speeding or driving recklessly, that he had not hit or tried to commit any violent offense.What set it off? They told him to get out of the car, but he instead kept trying to start the ignition. The cops then claim they saw a purse and thought maybe more people were in the car (despite the fact that the mother’s initial call and complaint documents the fact that she had told them he had her purse) – but they abused their power, and for whatever reason claimed because of the purse on the seat, they didn’t know how many people were in the car. So, they attempted to break the window, but apparently, failed.

Upon their failure, they saw Adam do their typical “reason” for killing: one cop looked and thought he saw Adam searching for something in his pocket and felt he had to act quickly for he, “thought it was a gun!” (Mind you, this is an area full of cop cars- he was unarmed, it was found after they stole his life. I don’t believe cops have a heart, soul or common sense.)

With that, Cpl. Richard Logsdon quickly stuck his gun in the car and shot the unarmed man 5 times, killing him at the scene.

His mom filed a federal complaint against Logsdon, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw as well as Lt. Edward Worthington. Thursday, the U.S. District Judge Kenneth Mara found the use of this deadly force was “necessary in the face of imminent danger.”

All of these morons, from the Judge to the cops, kept saying they don’t understand why Adam didn’t simply “obey”- that is their answer to justify their fatal behavior. He didn’t obey.

He was an addict and suffered from bipolar, how his mind was working at that time is probably something not one of them understands. And it appears they have no desire to know or learn about mental illness or drug addiction. The cops admitted he did nothing violent nor did he even attempt to. He was simply disobeying, and because he disobeyed they say he was an “imminent danger” ? What kind of JUSTICE SYSTEM is this!?

It’s not one, plain and simple. It’s a police state. I’ll end this here, as everyone should know, this isn’t a one time thing. Even if it were, it would still be unjustified and a disgrace. But…this,… this is making me feel more than sick.

How long are we going to put up with this from the cops?????

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