Six Cops Fail Cocaine Drug Test in Boston…. But that isn’t the end.

While thousands of young men sit in prison cells over drugs, including cocaine, officers in Boston steal it, use it and then laugh about it…

I feel rage, as usual, regarding the fact that injustice prevails. “Law Enforcement” is a joke. If they are willing to give these cops their jobs back, including back pay, I say they should then release all those in prison over drug charges, or at least cocaine charges. Only fair.

Boston Police Officer Tests Positive for Cocaine, Blames Donuts….  If it weren’t so depressingly tragic, how these cops respond to questions of cocaine would make me laugh. But since it is very real… No smiles coming from me. Just a heavy weight for every soul sitting in a cell right now, for charges these idiots can commit for “fun”,  without fear.
In a bizarre story from the Boston Herald, a police officer fired for testing positive for cocaine claimed that he had not actually used the drug. Nope, he has a much stranger explanation for the incriminating results:

He brushed white powder off the seat of his cruiser, which he “assumed was confectionery powder from doughnuts.”

He also said he lived in a townhouse that shared a heating vent with neighbors who were crack smokers, records state.

Yes, this police officer really blamed his failed drug test on donut sugar and crackheads. Meanwhile, one of his peers who was also fired for cocaine claimed to have a

“habit of putting drugs…from suspects in his pocket where he also kept cookies to eat.”

Unfortunately for them, the commission in charge wasn’t buying their explanations and they will both remained fired.  However, this story doesn’t stop there.

Six other officers who were also fired after testing positive for cocaine challenged the reliability of the hair follicle testing used to condemn them – and they won. Brushing aside the question of what’s going on with Boston police officers and cocaine, these six men will now be getting their jobs back along with all their missed pay.

So, to recap, tens of thousands sit in prison for simple drug possession while the people in charge of fighting the war on drugs test positive for cocaine use and a lot of them get re-hired with back pay. Too bad the justice system doesn’t work that swell for everyone.

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