Recent Gun Laws and My View on the Right to Bear Arms

Obviously, I am not one who usually defends law enforcement. This reason simply is because of the abuse, killings and lack of apathy they seem to have as a whole. Generalization’s are never 100% – but the 1% of good cops sadly cannot make me trust cops. Anyhow, the point of this post is, GUNS!

Before I go on to explain why I support the right to carry guns, I first have to mention this insane law I just read about. Short summary from the Washington Examiner:

Supporters of the 380 sheriffs in 15 states who so far have vowed to defy new state and federal gun control laws claim that legislation is starting to pop up around the nation to fire any state elected or appointed law enforcement official who doesn’t obey federal orders.

The first effort emerged in Texas. Legislation proposed by Dallas Democratic Rep. Yvonne Davis would remove any sheriff or law enforcement officer who refuses to enforce state or federal laws.

What’s more, it would remove any elected or appointed law enforcement officer for simply stating or signing any document stating that they will not obey federal orders.

A gun lobbyist told Secrets, “Beware because once something like this is introduced in one state, it will be followed very quickly in several other states.”

I am appalled at this. If people do not stand up against the federal (and state) government when they do wrong, then no positive progression would have been or will ever again be made. It should not be a crime to defy a law that is wrong and unjust. So I hope these officials will stay true to their word and not be scared off by new laws that should be questioned and protested. So, why do I believe as I do? What are my views on gun control?

We need people control, not gun control, is my answer. Guns aren’t the problem; people are.

I understand gun violence is horrible. I saw it growing up, I’ve seen it as an adult, I’ve almost died from it myself, and that’s about as far as I’m willing to go with sharing information on my life. I know what guns do to people. They are by no means something an insane person should have.

In regards to any of the school shootings here in America, I am truly sorry for your tragic losses, and can understand why so many people suddenly hate guns. But guns haven’t just recently started killing. In areas no one cares about killings happen and no one cared about the right to have a gun, until now.

The same day the tragic incident in Connecticut happened, in China 22 children of the same age and 1 adult were injured when a man ran in the classroom with a knife. Thankfully none of them died, however, that is not always the case. Not to mention the MENTAL TRAUMA these children will have to endure the rest of their lives.

Back to America. Had even just a few teachers had a gun and training, many of these killings could have been prevented. I don’t believe we should have any more police in our schools; but I do believe armed teachers is a good idea. Reason? See the first sentence of this paragraph. Plain and simple: defense.

By no means do I mean this post as a disrespect. I mean it simply to show why I believe in not only the right to carry guns, but our RESPONSIBILITY to.

Yes, it is a “right” granted to us in the second amendment – but it is more than that. Especially now.

First off, let’s look at the history of school killings. Well, I’ll just provide one. You can google more mass killings to see a great majority aren’t committed via guns.

Andrew Kehoe committed what is to date the most fatal school killing in American history back in 1927, in Bath Township, Michigan.

Summed up, a truly insane and violent man, lost it and went on a killing rampage. He first killed his wife by beating her on the head with a blunt object. After a couple of days, he went out and fire-bombed his farm, which resulted in fires spreading to surrounding farm areas.

And almost immediately after the explosion, he then killed 38 elementary kids, 6 adults and injured at least 58 other people.

BUT NOT WITH A GUN. He killed them with explosives.

For months, he had secretly been planting explosives all around the elementary school. This combined with a timed detonator would end the lives of many young children, while deeply traumatizing the surviving children. One survivor, Monty Ellsworth, stated the following about the scene that day:

” There was a pile of children of about five or six under the roof and some of them had arms sticking out, some had legs, and some just their heads sticking out. They were unrecognizable because they were covered with dust, plaster, and blood. There were not enough of us to move the roof.” 

For more accounts, google the Bath School Survivor’s Stories.

The story ends as rescuers began showing up. At the same time Kehoe drove up to the school and he did use a gun at this point, fatally shooting the school superintendent before turning it on himself and committing suicide.

The point of sharing this story? The main point is: if a killer wants to kill, they will kill. They don’t need guns to kill. If someone is sick enough to shoot a child, they will find a way to make death a reality for as many as possible. They are truly disturbed mentally, and taking away guns from the rest of society is not going to help anyone.

Next reason?

America is a nation built on violence, with a government which glorifies violence and has encouraged youth to join the army for unrighteous causes (Vietnam, most recently, Iraq) by using things such as lies, incentives and “patriotism” to bring in more people to support the violence, whether they joined the army or not. Not to mention “Thanksgiving”- a day I refuse to celebrate. Children dress up as “pilgrims and ‘Indians’ (correctly said, Indigenous people)”. 

After learning about the “pilgrims and ‘Indians'” – well, the government’s education system’s version of it, they all sit in their little outfits, having a meal of thanks together. I believe in being thankful, but thanksgiving is a holiday of celebrating mass rape, murder and robbery… That is one day I refuse to celebrate or see as good. I am thankful every day. Shouldn’t we all be? Anyhow; America celebrates a horribly violent day as a mass holiday… that on its own should say something.

So there are just a couple of examples as to how American’s have been brought up around a pro-violent mentality. But I’m not done, just going to switch views up. For those who didn’t have the privilege of growing up in a free America during the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc, there are other reasons for wanting and supporting the right to carry a gun.

As we now are moving on to the ghetto’s of America, the Black community in particular, it should be noted during Hoover’s days with the FBI he stated in black and white text that he wanted to divide and conquer the Black community via drugs and guns. (You can see the original document online or order it with the Freedom of Info Act). –

Now we have so many drug filled, gang ridden neighborhoods; in some areas it is not safe to walk down the street without a gun for protection. In addition, guns and violence has become glorified, too, for different reasons, in many poverty stricken areas.

So no one misunderstands: I am very much against gang violence! I have lost TOO MANY people to stupidity. I think guns are a coward’s weapon when it comes to gangs. However- making it a crime will only give the prison industry more legal right to imprison the people…thereby making them more money. Hmmmm….

The majority of American’s who believe in gun rights are never going to give up guns, whether they are legal or illegal. Hunters aren’t going to, nor are gang members, nor are people such as myself- who view it as a right to be able to have a gun in case I need to protect myself.

At this time, things are so out of control with the government I believe they are becoming afraid of the people. I believe they fear what would happen if we all had guns and if everyone woke up and decided enough is enough. I’m sure they also see the money aspect of it all, too. The Prison Industry is a money machine. The more people, the more money.

Finally, I wouldn’t give up my right to carry a gun so long as the cops are carrying guns and a badge that allows them to murder anyone they please. Even when the cops in the wrong, and pulls a gun out on you, if you pull your gun out and shoot first to save your own life, this is a capital punishment. Self defense, a capital punishment. Even knowing this, I still believe we should all not only have the ‘right’ to carry guns but the right to self defense against police.How they expect us to be sitting ducks while cops fire away is beyond my comprehension.

Why would any intelligent person give up their guns while living in a country where the cops run around like mad, trigger happy fools?

In conclusion….

School killings can, and sadly will, happen whether guns are available or not. Gang wars will continue to war and illegal guns will exist. It is up to the community to stop this nonsense, not the government telling us whom should be able to have what.

As for me, I am not going to go kill anyone, never have, never would though I do believe in smart self defense. I know people who legally (at the moment) have guns and just use them for either hunting or collecting. This has been a part of American culture, and I do not believe it is a part of American culture many American’s are ready to give up, including myself.

I will even go as far to say, I believe it is a duty to society and to our children to have guns. When used by the right people, people with no ill intent towards other humans, guns harm no one. It is the PERSON who makes that choice. And they can make the choice to kill with or without a gun. Thus, it makes no sense to take away the rights of all, because of a handful of nuts, and a for profit media scaring middle class American’s and working them up into a frenzy of unwarranted fear.

And for those of you who still think making guns illegal will work… I encourage you to read this article. =)

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