60 year old business man Beaten, Raided and Robbed by Police

June 23, 2011… In Philadelphia, 60 year old business man, Wayne Layre, was working late in his auto-repair shop, minding his own business, not knowing in a few moments his life would be in danger. Not by robbers or murderers- at least, not the kind most are taught about.

While he and his co-worker, Michael Tierney, worked, officers in plain clothes broke in through the garage door of the shop, walked straight for Mr. Layre, and did not identify themselves nor show any badges.

Mr. Layre was then handcuffed, thrown to the ground, then beaten to point of having his teeth kicked in. They left him on the floor, handcuffed as they went and handcuffed Mr. Tierney, as well as two other men in the shop. They then were all forced to the ground as officer Brian Reynolds claimed he was an FBI agent who would simply shoot them all in the head if no one said where the “money and drugs” we’re hidden.

The cops carried on searching for “contraband and money” as the men laid on the floor, handcuffed, As the cops stole $34,000 they stated they were still on the hunt for money and contraband.

As all this went on, 60 year old Wayne Layre was laying on the ground, unconscious. He was woken by Thomas Liciadello, a cop whom had begun kicking the man in the face.

Mr. Layre & Mr. Tierney’s official complaint states:

“While plaintiff Layre was lying on the floor of the auto shop and beginning to regain consciousness, defendant Officer Liciardello again demanded to know where the money and drugs were hidden,” the complaint states. “Defendant Officer Liciardello then kicked plaintiff Layre in the mouth, causing the front upper row of plaintiff Layer’s teeth to separate from their roots and to bend back toward his throat. Subsequently, the entire upper room of plaintiff Layre’s teeth had to be extracted by a dentist.”

The same officer allegedly kicked Layre twice in his genital region and also dislocated the old man’s finger. After injuring the victim, Liciardello held his gun to the man’s head and threatened to ‘blow his head off’, while calling him a ‘stinkin’ drug junkie’.

“When Plaintiff Layre, who was by then seriously injured, did not respond, defendant Officer Liciardello took one of plaintiff Layre’s BB guns from the shop, loaded it, and shot the windshields of several of the vehicles on the premises,” the complaint continues. “Defendant Officer Liciardello then said, ‘We’ll keep going until one gets your attention.'”

No drugs were found in the place, and it wasn’t until 4:10am, 7 hours after they first broke in, that they realized they had no search warrant, so they then called and requested one. Mr. Layre was arrested and taken to the station. Things didn’t improve much here, as he was then refused all medical attention, despite his glasses being broken, his shirt ripped off his body and being covered in his own blood.

According to rt.com:

The cops allege that they found methamphetamines in the tailpipe of one of the cars parked outside the store – but Layre claims that he was uninvolved with those findings. But in order to obtain the warrant, the cops claimed that Layre was involved in the sale of meth to a third party that hid the drugs outside. The 60-year-old man spent weeks in prison, during which the plaintiffs claim that the officers looted his bank account and safety deposit box and stole more than $250,000 in legal earnings.

Now, Layre and Tierney are taking the officers to court for the damages they have done. Layre told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he hopes to recover the $400,000 that was seized from him and his shop after the June 2011 raid. He has filed a petition in the Common Please Court, denying that he has ever sold drugs and claiming his money was made through business investments.

District Attorney Seth Williams decided to drop the drug charges against Layre, without citing a reason – but the decision to do so may indicate that the district admits its officers did not conduct themselves properly.

In response to the lawsuit, District Attorney Spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson said the department has not yet come up with a response to the proceedings.

“We will review the petition and make the appropriate response after that review,” she told the Inquirer.

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