Why Abortion is a RIGHT and Should Be Legal AND Accessible

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: abortion saved my life. It was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make, but it was made out of love and knowing I was right to protect a child from being born into a home that was not ready, as well as to a mother unready. Had I been forced to carry out pregnancy, I would have killed myself. The reasons I will not repeat or share more of. My husband and I both knew I couldn’t handle it, and it was not right for us at the time. So the choice was made and I have never felt such relief, ever. With that said,  

I shudder with sadness and RAGE to think of the women, first of all, who are impacted by North Dakota’s passing of the so called “personhood” bill. Whether it is for the woman’s health, safety or simply her choice…it IS and should remain her choice to make, not anyone else. Secondly, it sickens me to think what will happen to all of the unwanted children, the unprepared mothers and families…the issues, pain and fatalities it will bring. No matter which way you look at it, taking someone’s right to chose away is wrong and in my opinion, abuse of power.

How can they believe they are right in taking away the rights of a person? With slavery the rights of the people were taken away. With this, the rights of women are taken away. (No, I am not comparing slavery and abortion. I am simply saying, the government has no problem, from start to finish, denying the people of their basic rights.)

This “personhood” bill will, in short, ban abortion completely. So the only thing for women to do, then, is go back in time. That, or fight back and demand change. If you are against abortion, good for you, you don’t have to have one! But if a person needs or wants one, they should have the CHOICE to.

In the clinic I spoke with a woman there who, had she not had her abortion her then husband would have beaten both her and the child they would have had. So she made the choice to protect the child from a life of abuse. Not that it is any of my or your business why anyone has an abortion, I am trying to make the point that there are countless, legit reasons for having abortions. It is not killing, it is not wrong. It does not make you evil or a whore.

Having an abortion is the hardest choice a woman ever makes. But a woman has another instinct inside that lets her know what is right and what is not. It is because of that she can make the choice, no matter what her reason. If she wants to better her career and knows she can’t give the child the attention it would deserve, I say good for her. That is one less child neglected, forgotten, given up, abused, unwanted. That is one more successful, self sufficient woman who will be able to provide for her child and be there for her child when ready. If she never has a child, that’s fine, too.

It’s her choice; not the government’s.

I am outraged. I know women have abortions for countless reasons, but speaking from my perspective…I cannot bare to think of what things would have been like had I not had the option to abort available. Because clinics were/are far and few anyway many women already don’t have that option; and now even more women have lost that option. And if the government keeps stealing our rights from us, even MORE women will be in a place I shudder when thinking of.

So, a new plan to go on my agenda is to compile a history of abortion and women. Not because the government would care, but because maybe if more people are educated, or, maybe if we have resources to remind us of just how bad things have been and are going to get if we don’t fight back; we will fight back even harder. We can’t just sit this one out, everyone has a part, and everyone needs to play theirs.

Below I have reposted a list of consequences the passage of this bill will bring, it was originally posted on http://www.thinkprogress.org by writer Tara Culp-Ressler

5 Serious Consequences Awaiting North Dakota If Republicans Ban All Abortions Under ‘Personhood’

1. There will be fewer doctors in the state available to provide medical care. In a historic move for the North Dakota Medical Association, the nonpartisan organization has come out against personhood. The group points out that the anti-abortion measures go too far to “interfere with the physician practice,” and they suspect it will be harder to find qualified medical professionals willing to practice in North Dakota if the state imposes so many complicated restrictions on doctors. Some doctors have already testified before state lawmakers to say they will leave North Dakota if the abortion bans pass.

2. Maternal health care will be compromised. Doctors could be charged with criminal negligence if anything happens to an embryo — which could prevent them from making quick decisions that could help save women’s lives. The tragic case of Savita Halappanavar, a woman who died after being denied an abortion in a Catholic hospital because her doctors were reluctant to provide care that could get them in trouble with the law, highlights the serious consequences of state lawmakers coming between a woman and her doctor.

3. Women could be forced to resort to illegal abortion procedures. Under a personhood law, women will end up resorting to dangerous “backroom” abortions, one former pediatrician warned North Dakota lawmakers last week. That Fargo-area doctor did his medical training before Roe v. Wade, when women were dying of bacterial infections after botched abortion procedures — and he warns that the passage of the proposed personhood measures would pull North Dakota back into “the stone age of medicine.” There’s evidence to back up that claim. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the legality of abortion has absolutely no correlation to abortion rates around the world, because women will continue to seek to terminate pregnancies regardless of the law.

4. Women won’t be able to use in vitro fertilization to try to have a family. Ironically, in addition to compromising medical procedures for the women seeking to terminate a pregnancy, personhood measures also place restrictions on the women who are trying to get pregnant. “These bills will stop the practice of in vitro fertilization in this state,” Dr. Stephanie Dahl, an obstetrician-gynecologist and reproductive medicine specialist in Fargo, explained to lawmakers. Doctors wouldn’t be able to perform any procedure that carries the risk of damaging some embryos, so women would be forced to travel to South Dakota or Minnesota for in vitro treatment, a six-week process that requires multiple sonograms and up to 12 visits to the doctor.

5. The state will become embroiled in expensive lawsuits. North Dakota’s six-week abortion ban already runs afoul of Roe v. Wade, and will certainly invite several costly legal challenges. A total abortion ban would lead to similar consequences. Two personhood bills were recently struck down in Oklahoma, suggesting that the courts won’t take kindly to North Dakota’s push to restrict women’s constitutional rights, either. Nevertheless, even the self-proclaimed “fiscally conservative” Republicans in the state are willing to defend their abortion bans on the state’s dime.

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